Friday, July 19, 2024

A Tale of Two Cities ‘New Horizons’ EP Review

Words cannot describe ‘New Horizons’ – the latest EP from A Tale of Two Cities. It has phenomenal guitar harmonies that flow over poetic vocals that the core fan base of melodic rock will love and an attitude not to mess with.

‘New Horizons’ opens up with the masterful ‘Four Words’, a track that lays the foundation to the brilliance to the other three tracks that follow on a short but brilliant EP, focusing on Karl Ficarotta vocals and the guitar work of Joe Marsh and Nicholas Coombes. The band doen’t stop, and they continue to explode into life in ‘Familiar Traits’, a track that experiments with electronic elements and makes Paul Taylor-Clinch bass a bit louder, before an unexpected breakdown finishes the song in style. ‘The Fire Burning Through Our Wings’ is sent out to the listeners delight of a much more progressive front in contrast to the other tracks, but still remains strong on the vocally strong lyrics and guitar work being driven by Steve Elvin’s drumming. The final track ‘Machine’ gives more of a theatrical exit to the EP, whilst the lyrics sounds like a horrific version of Terminator, it gives the band a chance to show why they have one of the best EP’s we’ve heard.

Let’s wrap it all up in a nutshell. This record is nothing short of perfection. Even if it is (disappointingly) four tracks in, A Tale Of Two Cities waste no time to make it something special.


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