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daRKRam - Stone and Death

Review: daRKRam – Stone and Death

One person, multi-instrumentalist projects can be tricky. When done right, you can get something as sublime and lifechanging as Nine Inch Nails’ The Downward Spiral, but more often than not, they can go wrong and become self-indulgent, incoherent messes. There is no pleasure in saying that the debut album by Ramon Maro under the moniker daRKRam, falls into the latter ...

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Of the Sun

Review: Of the Sun – Before a Human Path

It seems slightly oxymoronic to say that technically proficient music can get boring at times. When you get a room full of musicians who are undisputed virtuosos, the push and pull between members can end up leaving an album as a fight for space between who can show off their skills the most, and it can end up bloated and ...

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Michael Monroe

Hard Rock Hell AOR 2017 Highlights: Saturday

Well, it feels like we’ve barely started, but we’re on the dawn of the final day of this year’s Hard Rock Hell AOR. The whole event has been excellent so far, and the organisers have certainly saved the best til last. Let’s dive right in. Power is the optimal word for Häxan. There are few things more impressive than a ...

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Lita Ford

Hard Rock Hell AOR 2017 Highlights: Friday

Gloriously, the gods of weather have treated us here at Hard Rock Hell by getting all of the rain out overnight so we don’t have to suffer through it. This is especially welcome as the suffering is real. If you don’t have a hangover this morning, you are not experiencing a rock and roll festival properly. With pounding headaches, a ...

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Tequila Mockingbyrd

Hard Rock Hell AOR Highlights: Thursday

It’s not an enviable task having to open up a festival, but Tequila Mockingbyrd makes it look effortless. The Melbourne-born trio recently relocated to the UK and are on the cusp of releasing their debut in Europe – their Australian fanbase has already been treated to it – and they are out to prove a point, and make sure that ...

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Battalions - Nothing to Lose

Review: Battalions – Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose is certainly striking. Stoner, doom, ‘classic’ heavy; there are so many styles of metal catered for here. What’s most astounding about Battalions’ proficiency is that this is a debut album. There’s the tarmac thick sludge of Remission-era Mastodon, the infectious licks of Tony Iommi, and topping it all off is Phil Wilkinson’s brutal voice. Rather than employing ...

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Lethe - First Corpse on the Moon

Review: Lethe – The First Corpse on the Moon

Primus. Tool. Fantômas. There are bands that truly epitomise what it is to eclectic, and blend myriad influences without becoming convoluted or start to sound confused. Lethe comfortably sit in this category. Their second full-length album, The First Corpse on the Moon, blends avant-garde metal, trip-hop, electronica and pop – to name a few genres – in a glorious experiment ...

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Review: Inferno – Genética Humana

Thrash metal, it’s sad to say, has had its day in the sun. With the exception of a few contemporaries – Havok being the prime example – the genre is frankly, on its arse. Though Megadeth’s 2012 release, Endgame, was a stunning return to form, the list of great modern thrash records is sparse. Testament, Metallica and Kreator have all ...

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Aversions Crown – Xenocide

Review: Aversions Crown – Xenocide

From the early days of rock music, Australia has produced some utterly fantastic bands. We all know AC/DC, and on the contemporary end, who doesn’t like Parkway Drive? Well, get ready to welcome the latest member to the family: Aversions Crown. Formed in Brisbane in 2010, the lads set about working on their plans for world domination by self-releasing their ...

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