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adept silence the world

Adept – Silence the World

These days it seems like bands are constantly trying to straddle genres like an errant cowboy straddles two horses. This could be to appeal to the most amount of people, so the most amount of people will buy their music and come to their shows – the music industry is such, that bands can’t really afford to be picky about ...

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six feet under unborn

Six Feet Under – Unborn

It was quite a surprise to hear Six Feet Under were bringing out another album as their previous was released less than a year ago. Buy hey, who am I to complain? That would be blasphemous! More metal = smiley faces all around. ‘Unborn’ is the 10th studio album from the death metal unit who have now been rocking out ...

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Suicidal Tendencies 13

Still Cyco After All These Years? It has been 13 years since Suicidal Tendencies’ last studio album ‘Free Your Soul…And Save My Mind’ which is quite a considerable gap for a band to have in their discography. If you’re hoping for a return to 80’s era Suicidal Tendencies then I’ll go right ahead and say flat out that this album ...

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old bones

Ursa Major ‘Old Bones’ Album Review

Ursa Major, the Shepperton five-piece, has recently dropped their latest release ‘Old Bones’. The bands blend of metal and hardcore makes this one of the more interesting releases to come out this year. While most bands that fly under the same genre flag may be content to push out a generic release, made up of an almost paint-by-numbers style of ...

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Ravenous ‘We Are Become Death’ Album Review

Southampton groove-metallers Ravenous have finally released their debut album, titled in partial-homage to the famous quote from the Bhagavad Gita, We Are Become Death. Much like many songs on the album, Ravenous construct an intense, catchy intro in the first song Abhor before leading off into an addictive riff, instantly displaying one of the records main strengths. These aren’t just ...

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Heimdall ‘Aeneid’ Album Review

Virgil’s epic poem ‘The Aeneid’ was the conspiracy theory of its day. Aeneas (a trojan) went from, a walk in Homer’s The Iliad, to then being pushed into the limelight, as Virgil joined the dots of popular folklore which present his fanciful tale. Trojans were cast adrift at sea, then landed in Italy, they fought the savages they found and ...

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Okular ‘Sexforce’ Album Review

In the band’s own words: “With members based around the outskirts of Oslo, Norway, progressive death metal act Okular is led by composer/lyricist Andreas Aubert. He writes all the music in the program Guitar Pro, without the help of a guitar. In 2009 he gathered a line-up to record debut album Probiotic, with some of the songs dating as far ...

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nine lives

The Von Hertzen Brothers ‘Nine Lives’ Album Review

A garage band guitar riff crashes out over a classic rock cow bell beat then within a single breath starts bobbing and weaving like a madcap alliance between the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Gong playing Led Zeppelin. You don’t need the vocals to tell you the name of this song is Insomniac because there are those who will find ...

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Such Gold

Such Gold ‘Misadventures’ Album Review

Listening to Such Gold is like listening to one of those bands you’ve heard on skate games when you were a kid but can never find again. The vamped up pop-punk is energetic and exciting, with the hardcore vocals blasting out. Track after track, it’s full of speedy drums, catchy riffs and great music. ‘Misadventures’ is the first full-length album ...

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cult of luna

Cult of Luna ‘Vertikal’ Album Review

Cult of Luna is a Swedish post-metal band from Umeå. They formed from the remnants of the hardcore punk band called Eclipse in 1998. Cult of Luna’s sound has progressed from material that was strongly influenced by doom metal, to a much less aggressive and more interesting orchestrated variant. Fans and critics have termed this sound ‘post-metal.’ The band is ...

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