EP Reviews


Review: Art of Dying – Nevermore

My first impressions of this EP was that it holds no punches, first track ‘All or Nothing’ jumps straight in with hard hitting riffs, crunching guitars and strong vocals from front man Jonny Hetherington. This EP reminded me of why I love American rock, it took me straight back to my youth and had me tapping my foot within seconds. ...

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Review: Dorje – Centred And One

Back in June, I was shopping for a new bass guitar and happened to zone in on the Ibanez SR1306. When researching the bass, I came across a Youtube video reviewing the SR1305. The hosts? Rob Chapman and Dave Hollingworth of Dorje. I had never heard of them. Little did I know that they would appear on the bill for ...

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Review: Immolated Moth – The Broken Mind

Before I started listening to Immolated Moth to provide a review, I was instantly struck by the title of the EP, ‘The Broken Mind’. I, like many others, suffer with depression and anxiety, and each day proves to be a battle unlike the previous day, and I often struggle to win against my inner demons. So having that in my ...

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EP Review: Outright Resistance – Me Vs. I

Outright Resistance recently brought out their EP. Titled ‘Me Vs I’. A quick look up on their history shows they haven’t done bad for a bunch of guys from Stevenage, starting out in 2011, they have managed to battle their way through to become grand finalists in London’s Metal 2 the Masses competition to play at Bloodstock, and this year ...

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Review: Ghost – Popestar EP

Many wouldn’t disagree that Ghost (aka Ghost BC) are the best act to break out in in the 2010s. Each album is exciting, they have a great image and concept, and perform amazing live shows. Following their Grammy-nominated album Meliora, ‘Popestar’ features three cover versions and original track ‘Square Hammer. This sounds like the start of a whole new album ...

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Review: Hammerjack – EP Two

For those who do not know who Hammerjack are, (much like myself before this EP):They are a quartet of good mates with the sole purpose of playing rock and roll, much like just about every other band of mates getting together really. The difference being here though, that within their few short years, they have toured the UK gaining a ...

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Hope Well

Review: The Danger of Falling – Hope/Well EP

There’s nothing like being hurled out of your comfort zone and flung into something that doesn’t quite sit right within your boundaries, and this is one such time. Despite loving melodic hard core – this is entirely unlike what I expected. Threading Chapter – is rather a sophisticated and complex track that shows a gentle keyboard rhythm encapsulated in a ...

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Review: Gandalf’s Owl – Winterfell EP

The name as well as the band’s cover is intriguing – so hoping that the music can live up to the high standard already offered by Sicilian Gandolfo before even a note is heard! The Wall The echoing voice is soothing although disturbing.  Its ominous presence is indeed striking and once the music comes into focus making me give it ...

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Buildings Volunteer

Review: Buildings|Volunteer – (Split EP)

It seems as if Buildings have very little to say about their particular ‘art’ while Volunteer just say it how it is. Although both band’s music is done in a similar vein, it is clear to see that Volunteer hold the edge and have their noses to the proverbial grindstone, whereby Buildings don’t seem to be going anywhere fast! Something ...

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Blame Yourself

Review: Decipher – Blame Yourself EP

Track-by-Track review of Blame Yourself  by Decipher: Prelude Lulls the listener into a false sense of security offering a dream-like fantasy of music but with the snarliest of vocal attached to it, it suddenly pulls you kicking and screaming from the warmth of your slumbers with startling anticipation. Shadows Possessing very sophisticated music and eye opening lyrics, though as the ...

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