Review: Dorje – Centred And One

Back in June, I was shopping for a new bass guitar and happened to zone in on the Ibanez SR1306. When researching the bass, I came across a Youtube video reviewing the SR1305. The hosts? Rob Chapman and Dave Hollingworth of Dorje. I had never heard of them. Little did I know that they would appear on the bill for ...

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Blackberry Smoke - Like an Arrow

Review: Blackberry Smoke – Like an Arrow

If you hear the word “Americana” and your face turns sour and your eyes come-over all glassy — Wait a minute. Figure this: Americana is not just comforting and middle-class, you know. Dylan is Americana. Springsteen is Americana. Where would we be without Johnny Cash? Or Willie Nelson? Those dudes live ‘n’ breath rebellion. Protest is strong in their heart, ...

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ugly kid joe

Live: Ugly Kid Joe, Riverside, Newcastle

Some see Ugly Kid Joe as an oddity of the grungey, post-glam metal scene. A one-hit wonder even. They will for sure be remembered for ‘That song off Wayne’s World’ but a lot of old school, and a few who have been curious know this band have a varied, if not troubled history. Heavily influenced by rock gods Motorhead and ...

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Review: Sonic Syndicate — Confessions

The heavy metal outfit SONIC SYNDICATE from Falkenberg in Sweden recently underwent a sonic change. They also switched personnel. Out went bass player Karin Axelsson and drummer John Bengtsson. In came Michel Bärzén [bass] and Peter on drums. In fact the only member of the original organized union of like-minded souls is Robin Sjunnesson on guitar. Then the band underwent ...

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Barb Wire Dolls

Barb Wire Dolls — Live at the Camden Assembly

They shuffled onto stage at London’s Camden London Assembly (former Barfly) with an attitude that seemed rather apathetic if not lackadaisical. Running 15 minutes late — they did not say “Hello” to the public — but maybe that’s the way this gruff artistic grunge punk-rock outfit “BARB WIRE DOLLS” approach such things. They didn’t seem so much “Desperate” [the title ...

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Review: Norma Jean – Polar Similar

Norma Jean is a pretty unique band. There are very few bands that can produce something new over the course of seven albums, inventive and challenging every time. Polar Similar is no different. It certainly has that Norma Jean stamp on it; you can tell it’s them. Be it Cory Putman’s gravely vocals, or the twinge of Southern rock that ...

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Review: Aghast – Something Else, Something Rotten

Opening track ‘King Bitch’ is one good way of opening up an album – razor edged guitar riffs, a thunderous beat and raspy vocals. If you were asleep before then you certainly won’t be now as you will have your work cut out if you try and snooze. The agitation is felt immediately on ‘Something Else’ and the scathing rhythms make your shoulders ...

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Demon - Cemetery Junction

Review: Demon – Cemetery Junction

Demon Formed in 1979 – I remember that year so well being the year I left school and got my first job, so I could afford more albums. Like everyone else music was and is still a big part of my life. It sounds like there is a bit of a psychedelic mood going on here at least at the ...

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Review: Echelon – Brimstone Aggrandizement

Getting down to the nitty gritty of getting your ears around some classic death metal is always a good thing for me. Feeling the strikes of metal embed themselves under the skin and cause a lot of sheer tingling as the aggressive riffs hit so hard they hurt, but the hurt is all part of loving the genre, and the ...

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Review: Exist Immortal – Breathe

Sometimes, the right band comes along at just the right time. I was listening to Textures when Exist Immortal’s latest offering appeared in my inbox; I was in the mood for something like Textures that wasn’t Textures – Breathe is exactly what I was looking for. The UK-based, five-piece metal-band have been around since 2011 and Breathe (2016) is their ...

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