Testament (6)

Live: Testament, Brooklyn Bowl, London

The typical nightmare of the London rush hour, British weather bringing torrents of rain and flooding, and then the break down of two tube trains on route to the O2 all tried their hardest to dampen the excitement of a unique night with one of thrash metals finest. Testament were in the capital and rather than just a night of ...

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Review: Blink-182 – California

Twenty-one years since the release of their debut album, ‘Cheshire Cat’, a lot has happened in the Blink-182 camp within recent years. With 2011’s Neighbourhoods showcasing a more ‘mature’ sound for the trio known for their dick jokes and music video nudity, many listeners were pretty torn on the release. The problem is, when you hit an age where you’re ...

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Live: The Melvins, The Koko, London

Never being a band to disappoint live, The Melvins were set with a headline performance that sadly never happened with the collapse of Temples Festival. Lucky for us fans however, a small ‘Basses Loaded’ tour around our small nation was making up for that, and we were lucky enough to get along to one of the finer venues of the ...

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Review: A Devil’s Din – Skylight

A Devil’s Din confess to being influenced by late sixties psychedelic music and early seventies prog. A band ripe for those currently imbibing on such retro sounds to check out then? Well, while early King Crimson is evoked in the latter part of title track ‘Skylight’ and Barrett-era Pink Floyd felt on the scary acid trip of ‘Never The Same ...

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download festival

Festival Roundup: Download 2016

How often do you get the chance to see the likes of Rammstein, Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden play on the same weekend? Where else can you hear some of the best music in the world and watch WWE live while it plays? The answer is: nowhere. This was Download Festival 2016. For those resilient enough, the weekend actually starts ...

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DVD Review: Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock – On A Mission: Live In Madrid

German guitar maestro Michael Schenker sat beside me in January 2016 with a handwritten set of New Year’s resolutions that went something along the lines of: (1) Ensure Temple of Rock UK Tour is so good we leave them begging for more, (2) Release live DVD recorded in Spain so the rest of the world can see it and beg ...

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Camden Rocks 2016 By JPR Photography

Live: Camden Rocks Festival 2016

Camden Rocks must be the most affordable and spontaneous choice among us Londoners who enjoy live music. It’s quite obvious that this festival has always been more than just about the bands. There is a whole vibe of wanting to have a good time (and maybe more than just a couple of drinks) whilst also being able to watch a ...

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Crowbar. Photo by Graham Berry

Live: Desertfest 2016

Come the end of April, Camden town descends into a sea of long hair, beards and beer guzzling monsters. Catering for the Stoner/Doom/Sludge/Psychedelic rock crowd across multiple venues, Desertfest finds its home in the heart of it all, cutting off and taking over Greenland Place (just off the side street by Worlds End) and having the Black Heart at the ...

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Ray Wilson – Song For A Friend

Review: Ray Wilson – Song For A Friend

Ray Wilson? Many of us know the pedigree less so the music: ‘Inside’ was a great post-grunge hit single come cool Levi’s jeans advert and ‘Congo’ a solid return to credibility for a band whose parent album Calling All Stations we never gave a fair crack of the whip. Genesis and Stiltskin are just two words among many that you’ll ...

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All photos by Martin Tierney.

Live: King King / Dan Patlansky,Town Hall, Birmingham

Review by Paul Birch, photos by Martin Tierney. Saturday 21st May 2016. Nonchalantly strolling on stage, his three piece band ready, Dan Patlansky takes a little while to tune up but as he begins to pull on notes more earnestly blues licks resonate, then sliding down his guitar neck with gusto before pinching strings with echoed wailing feedback he launches into ...

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