CRAWLING OUT OF THEIR CRYPTS, ITALIAN HORROR ENTHUSIASTS ‘SUPERHORROR’ HAVE RESURRECTED THEMSELVES TO DELIVER US DIRECTLY TO EVIL, IN THE FORM OF THEIR LATEST ALBUM ‘ITALIANS DIE BETTER’. Aptly named, the Italian undead five piece have spent the last 15 years dipping in and out of this world under various names, playing various shows, before unleashing hell on earth, dressed ...

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Elder return with Omens

Elder have been around for about fifteen years now, and yet to some, they remain completely unknown. Perks of being a band in the style they are, and also criminal at the same time, at how underground it still remains to be. Never resting, the band has always grown and developed with each release, no two albums are much the ...

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Atkins May Project

Atkins May Project – The Final Cut

The last few Atkins May Project albums have proved to be an aural attack of post-apocalyptical dystopia akin to those the movie and gaming worlds have unleased upon us since computer generated imagery (CGI) became an affordable tool to repurpose fantasy and science fiction story elements. True, it’s nothing new in the world of heavy metal and the subgenre of ...

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Dennis DeYoung

Dennis DeYoung returns with 26 East

If you know your Seventies US rock, you’ll know the name of this artist, and even if you don’t know the band he made his name with, you’ll certainly know his voice. Dennis DeYoung was the keyboard player and main vocalist with US pomp rock band Styx, and also their main songwriter, penning several of their major top 10 hits, ...

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Nightwish are back with dramatic ascending chord sequences & a tight rhythm section on HUMAN. :II: NATURE.

Following on from their 2019 live album, Decades: Live in Buenos Aires, Finnish symphonic power metallers Nightwish have come up with their first studio album since 2015’s classic Endless Forms Most Beautiful; a title adapted from Charles Darwin, the success of which helped elevate the band to bill topping gigs in stadia and vast indoor arena’s worldwide. In typical Nightwish fashion, ...

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Rock N Roll: A Tribute to Chuck Berry by Mike Zito & Friends

Name me a guitarist who didn’t think they’d conquered the world once they’d mastered a Chuck Berry lick. There must be one, possibly two. Somewhere. Rock & roll might would have been a very different scene without the man. From most accounts he wasn’t a nice man. His iconic sliding double note guitar riffing can be heard in Robert Johnson, ...

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TESTAMENT - Titans Of Creation

Testament show off their versatility and musicianship with Titans of Creation

Testament are thrash metal royalty at this point and the band have rarely misfired, especially since their triumphant comeback in 2008 and their latest record, Titans of Creation, proves to be a continuation of the streak of Album of the Year contenders that they have consistently put out over the past decade. The record starts out on a fairly standard ...

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The Black Dahlia Murder

The Black Dahlia Murder upholds strong legacy on new album, ‘Verminous’

The Black Dahlia Murder have been a significant figure in the death metal scene for almost 20 years, and have managed to put out consistently high-quality releases. Verminous is no exception. The album begins with lead single, ‘Verminous’, and sets an ominous tone with the sound of plague rats before leading into what will potentially become a live staple once ...

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The Sleep Eazys

Joe Bonamassa’s The Sleep Eazys release ‘Easy To Buy, Hard To Sell’ 

Joe Bonamassa continues with his quest for world domination with an instrumental album made up of a series of tracks drawn from right across the board. Prolific is a word which doesn’t do justice to Joe Bonamassa as, despite being only 42, this is his fortieth album and it follows on from his other projects, including his tenure with Black ...

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Jim Davies blurs the lines of rock and dark electronica on album Headwars

You may not realise it, but you must have heard Jim Davies‘ music before. He has played on number one hits by one of the biggest British bands ever (The Prodigy), for one of the most innovative alternative rock bands in recent memory (Pitchshifter), as well as provide music for a boatload of TV and film over the past decade. ...

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