Amaranthe “You need to be both humble and tough in this industry” Interview (audio)

So many metal bands today blur the boundaries with other genres, Swedish melodic metalheads Amaranthe are a great example of this. Elize Ryd and co. fuse metal, pop, Swedish folk, EDM and pretty much every other genre they can squeeze in there.

Amaranthe have just released their new album ‘Helix’  via Spinefarm / Universal. Watch this space for a review of the record…

We caught up with Elize Ryd before their Bloodstock festival, earlier this year. Despite a few technical faults, they put on an amazing set. Listen below to hear Elize discuss women in the metal genre, why all Swedish bands focus on melody, playing their first arena shows and more.

Check out issue 20 of RAMzine to see what thought of Amaranthe, and loads more bands at Bloodstock in our big review.

Keep checking back at for interviews with Combichrist, Lovebites, Pallbarer, At The Gates and more.


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