How can new bands play MetalDays Festival?

We caught up with MetalDays organiser Boban Milunovic to find out how new bands can get on the MetalDays line-up! Here is what he said:

“It’s really easy and it’s something that we do differently to other festivals. We had tried all sorts of band battles and online competitions and things like that, but all of that just didn’t work in my opinion. With online competitions you have aunts and grandmas that are voting, and the battle is a similar things, all the friends come along, but then don’t come along to the festival to support the band.


MetalDays 2016

So, we thought okay lets try something different – At least one band member needs to come to the festival, they bring a CD and fill out a form, we then read though all of those forms, then we choose the bands that we feel are doing it for their career the most. We don’t judge the bands by the quality of their music, or out of personal taste. We look at what they do for their own fan base and for the metal scene.

We don’t support pay to play either, we don’t charge them to play, we offer them the possibility to sell MetalDays tickets if they want to. If they do, as a reward they get a better slot, better position.”


MetalDays 2017

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Exodus at MetalDays 2016

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