Interview: Oaf at HRH United 2015

RAMzine tracked down Dom Lawson of punk band Oaf at this years HRH United. We talk about our favorite track ‘Fuck Off Segull’ – You may be surprised to learn that the chorus is not actually telling a seagull to Fuck Off! Rather the Seagull is a huge fuck-off-seagull. We also talk about the weird influences of Oaf, that perhaps have some (probably none) influence on this obnoxious Punk couple.

We are not a band that have a plan, there is no ambition involved at all, we do things whenever we can be arsed, but we will be recording the album with Russ Russel again.” – Dom Lawson

Album number three is due out sometime in the future, when Oaf decide to finish it.

Oaf will play Bloodstock Festival, later on this year.

Watch the full interview here:

Interviewer: Chris James Ryan.

Listen to Oaf ‘Fuck Off Seagull’ here:

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