Yup. You heard us. Gary Numan, in association with UK magazine Artrocker have released an app for Google Play which will allow Android-based tablet users to delve right in with Gary Numan. The app contains a massive mix of old, new and remixed material and is described as “a must-have for all Numanoids!”.

This follows the iPad app which came out at the end of last year and was no. 5 in the top 100 music app charts. It’s also been announced that the app will shortly be released on the Amazon App store for those of you with a Kindle Fire.

In a statement about the app, Numan has said:

I’m very proud of the Artrocker Gary Numan App. For them to have chosen me as the platform for their first foray into iPad publishing is a real honour and I think the end result is fantastic. It’s always a pleasure to work with Artrocker and I’m blown away by just how good the App has turned out.


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