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Iconic Canadian 80s band Glass Tiger Make UK Return 

Canadian rock band Glass Tiger, best known for their 1986 UK Top 40 hit single ‘Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone)’ and 1991’s ‘My Town’ featuring Rod Stewart, return to the UK for the first time in 27 years to play two rare concerts. The band last came to the UK when they supported Roxette on their 1991 nationwide UK tour. Glass Tiger will play the University ...

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Wildnite release their classic 80s-style glam rock self-titled debut

There is something awfully charming about the hard-hitting Norwegian sleaze rockers collectively known as Wildnite. The fact that they are so young and yet manage to pull off classic 80s-style glam rock in such a convincing and cool manner is pretty mind-blowing. These dudes were not even born back then, but somehow their music makes you believe that they were. ...

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Review: Night By Night – NxN

Featuring a member of the Sisters of Mercy and a former vocalist from Voodoo Six, such a résumé may lead the reader to presume Night By Night are ones for the Goth zombie rock shtick, whereas they’re something of a throwback AOR band but playing some meaty modern riffs and hinting that there’s an area of instrumental experimentation they’re currently reining ...

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