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Ape To God

Poland’s Ape To God will release their debut album, The Head Meets the Tail, in October having signed to Deformeathing Production. Ape To God formed in Lublin, Poland back in 2011 and combine elements of thrash, grind, death and groove metal. Their lyrics follow dystopian and anti-religious themes with social and political commentary. Their music and the overall concept are said to be inspired ...

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Barney Greenway of Napalm Death “It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old, you can do it!” #DL2018

Returning to Download for the fifth time, Birmingham grindcore pioneers Napalm Death headlined the Dogtooth stage last Sunday to a packed-out crowd hungry for destruction. After recently releasing the compilation album Coded Smears & More Uncommon Slurs, a filth encrusted collection of Napalm tracks spanning from 2004 – 2016, the four-piece have taken to the road for a titanic series ...

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Iperyt – The Patchwork Gehinnom

Six years since the release of No State of Grace, sonic terrorists Iperyt return with their third full-length album The Patchwork Gehinnom due on 15th December from Pagan Records. Iperyt feature the wonderfully named People Hater on vocals, Hellhound and Black Messiah on guitars, Shocker applying samples and Vincent on bass. For those unfamiliar, their music is described as being black metal ...

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Review: Razoreater – Vacuum of Nihil

Peterborough, a place with little going for it. Yes we have some great pubs, and a train station that can get us out and to better places easy enough, but when it comes to live venues for music of our tastes there is almost nothing. Perhaps once or twice a year we might be lucky to get a heavy gig ...

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Kill Division release new single + new album details

Kill Division have released the first single from their upcoming new album, Destructive Force. The new track, titled Locked Up Forever, was written about Natascha Kampusch; an Austrian woman who was held prisoner in a cellar for over eight years. The band also gave a few words on the track: “Locked Up Forever is a perfect representation of what ‘Destructive ...

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Gruesome Stuff Relish ‘Sempiternal Death Grind’ Album Review

In the deepest, darkest realms of extreme metal there is a little thing called grind. To some it is merely blaring noise but to others it is beauty in music. Within this relatively underground genre a few very niche sub genres have developed. One of these in particular being goregrind; made popular by British band Carcass. Goregrind is the primary ...

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