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Alter Bridge – Walk the Sky

Alter Bridge are one of those rare musical commodities the rock world, they are constantly reliable in the content the write, the time of release after the previous, and they match it on the live scene too. Thanks to that, they have become one of those perfect gateway bands for people to get into the rock world with, and sell ...

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New Roses Smelling Sweet

 German hard rockers The New Roses smelling sweet with the release of ‘Down By the River’ a single taken from new album Nothing But Wild due out on 2nd August from Napalm Records. Following a top 20 German hit with their last album One For the Road and tours alongside Kiss and The Scorpions, the band has high hopes for Nothing ...

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Mushroomhead sign worldwide deal with Napalm Records

Masked alternative metal icons Mushroomhead have just signed the dotted line for a worldwide deal with Napalm Records. The band will be playing European dates in July, including their headline slot at Amplified Festival. Mushroomhead drummer, Skinny, had this to say about their deal: “We are grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Napalm roster! None of this ...

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Dee Snider – For the Love of Metal

Music is an acquired taste, for the stuff we love, there are people that hate it. Back in the mid-eighties when what we love was the blame for many things, our music found itself at the end of a barrel with the PMRC at the trigger. You didn’t need to be a fan back then of Twisted Sister or anything ...

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Alter Bridge – Live at the Royal Albert Hall Featuring The Parallax Orchestra

When it comes to venues, there are few that are as impressive as the Royal Albert Hall, from the striking design both outside and in, the variety of entertainment it has hosted, and not to mention the history of it. When beginning viewing of this release, we start en route to the place with Myles Kennedy, soon to find ourselves ...

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Devildriver – Outlaws ‘Til the End

First off, I won’t lie or hide it, Devildriver I’m not into, I love the style of music they play but they just haven’t ever done anything for me, it’s the way it goes sometimes. We all have those bands that we just don’t get why there is so much hype about them. Sometimes you catch them live at a ...

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 New Roses Touring UK

Germany’s hottest young rock band The New Roses head out on an 11 date UK tour at the tail-end of this year. The New Roses’ song ‘Without A Trace’ was featured on the soundtrack of the US TV series Sons Of Anarchy and was chosen as the official song for the German DVD trailer campaign. Having signed with Napalm Records ...

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OOMPH! sign to Napalm Records

Ever since their formation back in 1990, OOMPH! have been leaders in the scene and have created their very own version of hard Rock music. Along their journey they were never afraid of fusing any influences. This courage was rewarded by creating their own niche between Metal, Industrial, EDM and Gothic. They have shaped a new musical genre in Germany ...

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RAMzine - Kobra & The Lotus

Deliberations From The Shire with Mike James – Kobra & The Lotus

It’s been a little over three years since the High Priestess came out and now Kobra & The Lotus are back with full force in the form of Prevail I, their most powerful album yet seeing them cement themselves as a staple in modern female fronted hard rock category. From the off this album showcases Kobra Paige’s true vocal ability ...

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Deliberations From The Shire with Mike James - Life Of Agony

Deliberations From The Shire with Mike James – Life Of Agony

If energetic alternative rock is your thing then the eagerly awaited new offering from Life Of Agony is just the tonic. It has been 12 years since their last album and the world has changed beyond all measures. There is a drive and intensity in these new songs that only someone like Mina Caputo could pen, wearing her heart on ...

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