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Poseidon Prologue

Poseidon – Prologue

Poseidon; Proper noun, Greek mythology, the God of the sea, water, earthquakes, and horses, son of Cronus and Rhea and brother of Zeus. He is often depicted with a trident in hand. Any band willing to take on a name with that describes such a thing really needs to be something huge and special. Thankfully, these guys are. Their debut ...

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Bardus – Stella Porta

Review: Bardus – Stella Porta

Bardus are a three piece band hailing from Philadelphia, having never heard of them and seeing the artwork for Stella Porta I found myself instantly interested. The artwork that adorns the album, the style their name is written, all of it just screams to the stoner/doom fan in me, so far so good. A quick look over to their facebook ...

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Review: The Glorious Rebellion – Euphoric

The Glorious Rebellion sounds like a cheery kind of name for a cheery kind of band, do not be fooled! This Orlando three piece are here to unleash an assault on your ears and they are not here to make friends or have a good time, at least according to their bandcamp page (they do also state no one, their ...

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Review: Sealclubber – Stoical

From the name alone, this will not be everyone’s cup of tea. Sealclubber are just like the name sounds, harsh and nasty, but if that’s how you like your music then they are worth as much time as you can give. Formed in late 2012 in the Black Country, UK, Sealclubber have developed a gritty, aggressive sound. Despite how that ...

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Seepy Crew BW Sans Text

Seep Away release debut EP

Seep Away, the rising noise machine from York/Manchester set brand new, self-titled EP up for streaming via Already Heard! Seep Away by SEEP AWAY The Four track EP can be streamed here The record released on December 11th is also available for purchase via the Seep Away bandcamp page: https://seepaway.bandcamp.com The news comes not long following the release of their ...

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