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Oceano - Revelation

Review: Oceano – Revelation

Oceano have been around for over a decade now and have gone through a variety of sounds and line-ups in that time, so it’s no surprise to see that things are once again different on their newest album Revelation. Effectively the second album in this current iteration of the bands line-up but the first album since they switched over from ...

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Review: Oceano – Ascendants

A melodic wave of delayed chords washes over me and slowly becomes some kind of ominous premonitory to destruction. Then it hits me, swathed in fast death metal and death-core inspired hatred, my heart crumples and I prepare myself for track 2. No warning, fast chugging riffs accompanied by vicious blast beats, like the sound of a thousand breaking necks. ...

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Oceano Tour Announcement

In the wake of the release of ‘Dead Planet’ and the announcement of ‘Ascendants’. They also mentioned that they were making plans for a tour. Too caught up in the brutality of ‘Dead Planet‘ I missed the signs. How could I have been so foolish!? TELL ME GOD! TELL ME! With various shares of bands and their albums it was ...

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Oceano – Dead Planet – New Album Announcement

So on January 2nd, renowned deathcore band OCEANO, posted on their Facebook page, “This will be our year. Who’s ready for new everything from us?”. From sheer excitement i lost all control of my body, I tripled myself, but I digress. Oceano. New stuff. That means a new album? Thats a surefire recipe for a complete deathcore universe fustercluck. Then ...

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Iwrestledabearonce + Oceano + Vanna + For All Those Sleeping – O2 Academy2, Birmingham

It’s the first night of Alabama’s own quirky metalcore crew Iwrestledabearonce’s UK tour in support of their new album Ruining it for Everybody. For those who are fans of some bands on the line up will understand this is quite a momentous occasion. It see’s Iwrestledabearonce’s first UK appearance since their regular front woman, Krysta Cameron, became pregnant (congratulations from ...

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