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Warbringer - Woe to the Vanquished

Review: Warbringer – Woe to the Vanquished

You know that you have been thrashed beyond smithereens when you listen to this, as ‘Silhouettes’ blasts out from the speakers and pulverise with a feisty voice. ‘Woe to the Vanquished’ shows no mercy as it creative agitation molests with fury and like any thrash track is angry and full of hate. It is smothered in fevered riffs and vengeful blasting ...

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RAMzine Classic: Judas Priest - Sin after Sin

RAMzine Classic: Judas Priest – Sin After Sin

Judas Priest Sin after Sin was released 8th April 1977 through CBS Records. Who would have thought that Judas Priest started their incredible journey in 1969. Their first album was brought out in 1974 and entitled Rocka Rolla. My favourite album from Priest is without doubt Sin after Sin released in 1977 mainly due to the fact it brings back memories spending my time ...

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Stormage - Dead of Night

Review: Stormage – Dead of Night

Note to oneself: do not have the volume above 11 or you are likely to end up in A&E! First track ‘Instinct to Defend’ rings true as you try and save your ears from bleeding out. The heavy metal just pumps to its hearts content and unleashes its cold harsh stabs of rhythms along with harmonies that are solid and ...

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Trigon - Fed-Up

Review: Trigon – Fed-Up

The unusual sample at the start of this album is quirky and also quite strange, however, there’s no law that says a band can’t be diverse and in fact, it is welcomed. ‘Talk to Me’ is a thunderous track that possesses a grand melodic soundscape and powerful riffs that infect the whole of your body – while you are head banging your ...

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Fit for an Autopsy - The Great Collapse

Review: Fit for an Autopsy – The Great Collapse

There is heavy and then there is really heavy and Fit for an Autopsy fall into the latter category, of that there is no mistake what so ever. The vocal scouring ravishes the ear drums making them bleed with the strain that is on them to take in everything that the band are putting out! ‘Hydra’ is one such track ...

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Vitja - Digital Love

Review: Vitja – Digital Love

There is a certain rawness that is dealt out on ‘Scum’ that is highly charged and more potent than rocket fuel and no doubt sends you into space on listening. The vocals are gravelly and throaty just the way metal should be sung and executed superbly. ‘D(e)ad’ can certainly be described as edgy and melodic no doubt about it as ...

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Suicide Silence

Review: Suicide Silence – Self-Titled

Let’s start by saying that the guitar riffs on this opening track weave an intense twisting array of mental madness, along with the savagery that is executed in the vocal arena – let me introduce you to ‘Doris’. She’s evil personified believe me and works through the vocal secretions of Eddie Hermida who seems to be possessed by her spirit. ...

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Rebel Souls -The Forces of Darkness

Review: Rebel Souls -The Forces of Darkness

As Rebel Souls shrouds over us once more in the genre of death be prepared for thunderous backlashes of impending savagery. Feel the goose bumps? Feel the angst as the terror builds? ‘Descent’ escapes violently through the speaker walls it will disturb you and cloud your senses like a thick blanket of turmoil. Its rhythms are formidable and its beats are ...

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Locust Leaves - A Subtler Kind of Light

Review: Locust Leaves – A Subtler Kind of Light

From the reviews I have read about Locust Leaves there seems to be a never-ending stream of “I love I Voidhanger Records”, as they seem to latch on to bands who can offer that something different. The album cover is one of the most quirky I have seen in a long time and quite scary if truth be known. The ...

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Eshtadur - Cornered at the Earth

Review: Eshtadur – Cornered at the Earth

I was a little bewildered to find out that there is just one track to review on what looks like an album, as the band have pulled out all the stops especially with the magnificent cover. The music is just a whirlwind of scathing flexing rhythms that hold superb melodies and fast unruly riffs. Casting a rather shadowy haze over ...

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