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Ember Falls

Review: Ember Falls – Welcome to Ember Falls

As their splendid title suggests it is a fuel injected stomp of blood-curdling metal that is charged with deep contagion with a great vocal range from Thomas Grove and brutal screams from Calu. The harmonies are absolutely breath taking on the first track, ‘The Cost of Doing Business’ and ‘Falling Rain’ runs away with its powerful overload of melodies. This is a ...

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1919 - Bloodline

Review: 1919 – Bloodline

A superb start to what I hope will be a superb album as this bristles with coaxing melody and tight sounds. Like Johnny Rotten in the early days, so take that leap of faith and pogo hoping you don’t go through the floorboards. If you are not too exhausted from trying to keep your arms still while balancing precariously with your ...

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Grave Plague - The Infected Crypts

Review: Grave Plague – The Infected Crypts

There’s nothing like old school death metal, the untamed, unyielding and savage assault that forms a mosh pit in the blink of an eye and takes revenge on the ears in such a brutal way. ‘Arise The Infected’ is that and more. It’s vice like grip squeezes the senses until they can’t take anymore. It’s like going through the wringer head ...

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Memoriam - The Hellfire Demos II

Review: Memoriam – The Hellfire Demos II

Focusing on the themes of death, loss and war Memoriam was formed after the tragic death of Martin ‘Kiddie’ Kearns (Bolt Throwers Drummer) in September 2015 and was originally a band who decided to play cover tracks of songs that had influenced each member in turn. However, after creating some of their own tracks it was obvious that the band ...

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Resonance Cascade/Järnbörd - Hyperakusi

Review: Resonance Cascade / Järnbörd – Hyperakusi

Hyperakusi or Hypersensitivity as us brits would call it is a very apt title for a grind crust album – as if you have ever been to a live grind gig you cannot fail to get caught up in the fever pitch in which you find yourself. It is like an injection of speed – you can feel your body shaking ...

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Burn Damage - Age of Vultures

Review: Burn Damage – Age of Vultures

The anticipation just bubbles under the skin and waits to unleash its fury on the unsuspecting at the beginning of this album. I am almost scared to turn the volume up and with good reason as this booming grating vocal ploughs harshly from the speakers along with a mesmerising drum beat. The melodic swing is highly addictive, and can definitely be ...

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Review: Sepulchral – Back from the Dead

Great Dane Records are back with more brutality in the form of Old School Death Metallers Sepulchral who have resurrected a few tracks from the noughties and thrust them into daylight so their eyes burn. The vocals are so low-toned, it is like being in Hell and listening to Satan give a sermon. ‘Internal Decomposition’ is madness brewing a concoction of ...

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Exocrine - Ascension

Review: Exocrine – Ascension

Revealed in chapters this amazing band Exocrine know how to exert themselves and please the fans of death metal with expanding lungs of steel that produce cast iron growls so low in fact they are off the scale, while the music whistles past the ears in a cascade of temporal extreme madness, it is so deathly evil that one is ...

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5Rand - SacredScared

Reviews: 5Rand – Sacred/Scared

Straight away the intensity is there simmering, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting victim as the climax is brought closer, it is so close now I am forgetting to breathe…‘Erase’ is powerfully consuming but absorbing at the same time. Making a huge impact on the cerebral cortex as female voice Julia really belts out some spine tingling notes along with ...

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Adrian Pain & the Dead Sexy - Mixed Messages

Reviews: Adrian Pain & the Dead Sexy – Mixed Messages

Well it’s a bloody good start for a strangely titled band – for me the sexy comes within those lungs of steel along with the melodic bounce that embraces the ears with such ferocious momentum. It is just a sheer joy to behold. The words ‘nu-metal’ and ‘core’ need not fill you with dread as it does some, for me ...

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