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Interview: Lawnmower Deth at Bloodstock 2015 (Audio)

You’ve heard of the wall of death, you know the circle pit of death, everyone has caught a crowd-surfing band member – but have you ever performed the hokey-cokey at a metal gig? If you saw Lawnmower Deth at Bloodstock this year, you know you have!

After their surprise comeback in 2008, odd-ball thrash-metal legends Lawnmower Deth have been popping up at festivals almost every year. Returning at BOA for the most memorable set of the weekend: we caught up with Qualcast “Koffee Perkulator” Mutilator (aka vocalist Pete lee), Mightymo Destructimo (aka bassist Chris Parkes) and Schizo Rotary Sprintmaster (aka guitarist Gavin ‘Paddy’ O’Mallley) to talk about their BOA set, The Great British Bake-Off, Faith No More’s linen suits and LMD becoming a Christmas tradition.

So what can we expect from your show tonight?

Pete: Everything. Honestly I don’t know. Sorry, that was an over-sell. We have a few tricks up our sleeves, we kind of know what’s on the setlist, ask the audience because I’ll react off that.

You kind of know?
Pete: Yeah…kind of. I was chatting to Matt Burton from Evil Scarecrow before and he was horrified at our lack of forward-planning.

Paddy: He said we’re the most disorganised band he’s ever worked with.

Pete: It’s not disorganised, it’s just organic. By organic, we just mean disorganised actually.

You were in the signing tent today, what’s the weirdest thing you have had to sign?

Pete: Well anyone coming in to the signing tent for Lawnmower Deth is weird anyway, isn’t it? But there was lots of them! There was some flesh, loads of Malaysian flags to sign. Seems to be a theme, Malaysian fans with old school thrash.

Paddy: They’re going to be disappointed when they see us.

(they all laugh)

Pete: Actually, Jason from Agalloch was at the back of the queue. He queued for half an hour to get sommething signed.

Have you ever met anyone you have been star struck by?
Chris: Oh yeah!

Pete:Well I once met Roger Daltrey! Roger Daltrey made me a cup of tea. I was quite star struck by that point.

Chris: Where abouts was that?

If you want to listen to the rest of the hilarious interview with Lawnmower Deth, check out the link to our Sound Cloud below:

Neale McGeever
Neale McGeever
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