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These Wicked Rivers talk new album ‘Eden’ and the character of ‘Floyd’ 

These Wicked Rivers are a 70’s influenced rock band from Derby (UK) who formed in 2014. May 2020 see’s them release their debut album Eden which sees the band speak of different tales of various people and situations, with notable character ‘Floyd’ having already featured in the music videos for their recent singles. We spoke with Guitarist/Vocalist Arran Day about the new album and how the band are deadline with the effects of the lockdown.

RAMzine: How are you doing during this UK lockdown? Have you been able to continue normal band activities through the internet? 

Arran: We’ve been surviving as well as we can, I think none of us were prepared for how much we’d actually miss gigging and being out on the road. We’ve tried to use the current situation positively and try to hopefully bring some joy to the wonderful people that follow the band; through song playthroughs and we’ve recently released a stay at home mug bundle, so we’ve all done videos on how to make a proper brew (mine mainly involved drinking red wine so I win) and thankfully the fans have been really responsive with this which is killer. With our debut album Eden having just been released on May 22nd it’s gonna us something to focus our energy on and the reception so far has been amazing.

RAMzine: We first came across your band at Breaking Bands Festival last year. There’s something quite chilled about listening to you play live with the sun shining and a pint in hand. Chilled as you play seamlessly whilst giving off a Zepplin live in the 70’s vibe, but your music has great rock n roll grit to it too. Breaking Bands Festival will be missed this year! How did you find the festival last year? 

Arran: We really enjoyed the vibe, similar to what you were saying festivals really evoke that Woodstock community no matter what the scale if there’s great music and just as good company then you can’t beat it. Breaking Band’s, in particular, was great as there’s a real community of bands now, we saw our gents in Witch Tripper and Colina Pearl and had some good bromance time.

RAMzine: You have just released your debut album Eden, how have you found the promotional side of things during the lockdown?  

Arran: We’ve tried to do everything we can and as said before try and find the positives during this difficult time and the fans have been a massive part of that. Whether it be the fans receiving the album and sharing the love all over social media or reacting to the band online content they’ve been with us all the way.

RAMzine: Seventh track on the album ‘This Train’ starts out slow and quiet and ends loud and proud with some captivating guitar work! What’s the track about? 

Arran: ‘Train’ was written by our singer John who describes it as being about being scared of getting old and losing people you love, but then realising that it’s inevitable and we should cherish the moments we do all have together, and life will seem altogether more beautiful.

RAMzine: Your recent singles from the new album ‘Floyd’,‘Evergreen’, and ‘Shine On’ seem to be tales about men in various situations. Are all the songs on the album about different types of people in different situations and are the stories all connected in any way? Or is there a particular theme running throughout the album?

Arran: I don’t know… it might be… it might not… who knows? Haha, Eden is the first album I’ve committed anything lyrically to the band and I’ve found the basis of telling a story through lyrics a lot easier to convey a particular emotion than just writing about it. One of the things I’ve always loved in 70s songwriting such as Pink Floyd is that it can have many different meanings to the individual that’s listening, so I’ll let those that give it a listen to interpret the different tales in their own way.

RAMzine: Who is the man wearing the hat who features in your videos for both ‘Floyd’ and ‘Shine On’ and what part does he play in the album as a whole? 

Arran: This is a gentleman by the name of John who lives on a barge who we’re very honoured has taken on the character of ‘Floyd’. Originally when we were in the studio and deciding on what the singles were gonna be, me and John had this idea to try and link the videos as a way of telling the story of the songs – and that a lovely bearded gent would be the perfect figure to carry this burden. We love Floyd, he’s a big part of the family around the band.

RAMzine: The artwork for your new album looks very 70s, who put the artwork together and what was the thinking behind the design? 

Arran: My wonderful partner Jade Hamilton put the artwork together, she has this awesome psychedelic/organic style so when I mentioned to her the different themes running through the album I knew she’d be able to convey the perfect image to portray the album’s character. It means the world that she’s been able to be a big part of the album and that so many people have said how much they dig the artwork.

These Wicked Rivers Eden
These Wicked Rivers Eden artwork by Jade Hamilton

RAMzine: We see you have rescheduled some UK tour dates, will there be any plans for your album launch party once it’s safe to hold one?

Arran: We’ve got a few sneaky ideas in mind, we definitely think the album deserves that celebration it’s just about doing it when’s safe so we can celebrate freely.

RAMzine: Thank you for speaking with us and best of luck with your debut album release.

Arran: Absolute pleasure, stay safe, and be happy.

These Wicked Rivers  have rescheduled their UK tour dates: 

Fri 16thJune        Cleethorpes, Cleethorpe Rocks

Sat 11thJuly         Swanesa, Patti Pavillion

Sun 19thJuly        Maidstone, Ramblin’ Man Fair

Fri 7thAug             Nottingham, MFN

Fri 18thSep           Lincolnshire Showground, Call Of The Wild Festival

Fri 25thSep           Derby, The Hairy Dog

Sat 31stOct           Morecambe, The Platform

Fri 13thNov          Great Yarmouth, HRH Crows/Blues

Sat 14thNov         Southport, Prince Of Wales Hotel

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