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Echoes Interview

Echoes are a post-metal band formed in Winchester back in 2010. They claim their influences are This Will Destroy You, Rinoa, Devil Sold His Soul and Hans Zimmer. They recently went into the studio to record their debut album, so we had a brief chat with them to find out how things were in their camp:

You’re about to record your debut album, do you feel the band’s sound has developed since the EP?

When we recorded the EP we had in mind what we wanted to sound like but just didn’t know how to achieve it. The album is a collection of songs showing our natural progressions towards the sound we always wanted. We’ve worked really hard to refine all the songs, rewriting the entire album once already. We ended up scrapping lots of songs we’d written because we just weren’t 100% with them; but that’s all changed now, we’re extremely proud of this album and we can’t wait for you all to hear it!


Are you happy with the tracks you are going to be recording?

Yeah we really are. As mentioned before, we’ve worked really hard to rewrite and redevelop the songs and the parts we weren’t 100% with. We wanted to make sure that each riff, each note was bang on in every section of the album. Not a note or a beat are out of place because we’ve scrutinised and critiqued at every level. It’s something that comes from us all being art graduates, we can’t help but break things down and make sure it works. It’s worked really well for us and to be honest, it is probably a blessing in disguise.


You asked fans on Facebook for album title suggestions, have you decided on a title?

… Yeah we’ve got a title. You’ll have to wait and see though!


If someone had told you two years ago when you started you were going to be recording an album what would you have thought?

“Get the hell outta here” or something along those lines. We really weren’t expecting to ever go anywhere serious with the band that early on. We’ve written a lot of stuff and recorded a fair bit of it. Most of it is extremely embarrassing and out there on the internet somewhere but definitely don’t search for it, it’s not worth it!


Do you have any plans to tour when the album comes out?

We have some cool stuff lined up, at the moment we have a potential UK tour lined up early next year and maybe some plans to get abroad but nothing’s really set in stone at the moment. We’ll keep you all updated on how things are going as we get more information though!


If you could pick any band to go on tour with who would it be and why?

Can we do a super mash up tour? It would definitely have to be UnderOath and Rinoa on the same tour, that would be insane. But we’d also love to go on a cheeky post-rock tour with This Will Destroy You and Sigur Rós and maybe Mogwai too if they were up for it.

 For more updates head over to the band’s Facebook here or their website here


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