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Anti-Flag release lyric video for ‘Sky is Falling’

Anti-Flag – a huge name in the punk rock arena, a band that have explored record labels, musical themes, politics and social issues in a career spanning over 20 years. A band that have been around so long can not easily be summarised in one paragraph, but can be summarised as a band with something to say for sure.

Soon to release the first record on their new label, Anti-Flag have given us a teaser of what’s to come with a lyric video for ‘Sky is Falling’.

In the wake of recent events, where an American and Italian citizen were killed by drone strikes, the song arrives at a critical time in the current government administration. To address this particular subject, the video highlights the song’s lyrics to draw out the message and thematic of the song, which is track 4 on the upcoming new album.

Here’s what the band had to say about the song and the drone strikes.

“We release this song and video days after President Obama apologized for a drone strike that inadvertently killed an American and an Italian being held captive by al Qaeda in Pakistan. President Obama did the right thing by apologizing to the victims and their families.  But otherwise, his apologies fall short of the target.

“We call on President Obama to extend his apologies to victims of U.S. drone strikes who do not hold U.S. and European passports. Furthermore, we demand an end to the U.S. drone program.

“There are countless innocent victims, families and communities whose lives have been devastated by illegal, out of control, and unaccountable U.S. drone strikes. This onslaught of aggression is sold to the American people as a surgical strike program that combats terrorism and makes the U.S. safer, when its net total result is neither.

“During the Vietnam War, U.S. soldiers were under orders to win over the hearts and minds of the Vietnamese people while simultaneously ordered to burn down their villages. For obvious reasons, this policy was a failure. U.S. drone policy is no different, turning innocent people who would otherwise not be in opposition to America against the U.S.

“This policy is immoral, unethical and unproductive. Amnesty International has questioned the legality of the U.S. drone program in relation to international law.

“This song focuses on the fact that dropping bombs on people’s heads is terror, regardless of who is dropping those bombs. Be it a high tech U.S. drone firing munitions without warning or a suicide bomber detonating an explosive vest without warning, instruments of terror are those that keep a civilian population on edge due to the constant threat of attack.”

As the summer draws closer, so does new album American Spring (May 25th on Spinefarm records). The band have also confirmed a new batch of tour dates which will be a great platform to showcase the new material.

06.08.2015     Blackpool (UK)          Rebellion Festival

08.08.2015     London (UK)              Brooklyn Bowl – PUNKS AND PINS

09.08.2015     Bristol (UK)                Motion & The Marble Factory

Sam Rohde
Sam Rohde
University of Portsmouth graduate, wannabe rockstar and punk rock enthusiast. I come from a small town in West London and like hanging out in London, especially places with a bit of quirk and character. I enjoy catching gigs - anything from an arena headliner, to a small intimate show or acoustic set. I am a busy and creative person and love to be out and about and meet new people.

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