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Geoff Tyson Drinks With Infinity

Acclaimed American guitarist Geoff Tyson, former member of T-Ride and Joe Satriani student, whose music has been featured on film and TV alike, will release his first instrumental guitar album Drinks With Infinity on Friday 31st July.

The album finds Tyson returning to his guitar-hero roots with a cutting-edge album with sounds ranging from blistering rhythm and solo performances, to production vibes that range from heavy rock, to 1980s Brit-pop.

Drinks With Infinity will be available on CD, vinyl and as a digital download. It will be distributed by Cargo Records. You can pre-order the hard editions by clicking here and pre-save and stream on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music and Google Play here.

He has already released a video of the track Six Weeks Of Tina’ that you can watch right here at RAmzine.

Born in Berkeley, California, at the age of 13, back in 1983, Tyson studied with no less than Joe Satriani, and is the only person other than Steve Vai who Satriani has said “Graduated’ from his lessons.

“Guitar was my first love,” Tyson reflected. “I first met Joe Satriani when I was 13 and he helped to develop my passion for playing guitar. I soon became one of his favourite students, alongside Alex Skolnick, Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet and Charlie Hunter.

“Satriani and I met weekly for about 2 ½ years, and he became my mentor and inspiration, always challenging me to do something unique and personal. It’s a lesson I have applied to all aspects of my musical endeavours.”  

He also refined his skills jamming with high school buddies, the likes of which being the aforementioned Skolnick, Hunter and Redmond, as well as Jude Gold and Third Eye Blind’s Kevin Cadogan.

As a member of the San Francisco based heavy metal band T-Ride, Tyson toured the world supporting the likes of Ugly Kidd Joe, Joe Satriani, White Zombie, Tora Tora and Asphalt Ballet. And, although they only released one album (T-Ride on Hollywood Records) their videos appeared on MTV, and their music featured in various movies, television shows and their soundtrack albums including Encino Man, Captain Ron and Baywatch.

He would go on to appear on Snake River Conspiracy’s debut album in 1999 and tour with Monster Magnet and Queens of the Stone Age, among others. In 2003, he formed Stimulator with singer Susan Hyatt, signing to Universal Records in 2005 and with that their music appearing in the Disney  film Ella Enchanted and  MTV’s The Real World alongside touring supporting the likes of Duran Duran and The Go-Go’s.

“Over time, as popular music trends changed, I evolved into a singer-songwriter, recording engineer, producer, and recording studio entrepreneur,” said Tyson, further noting the reason he’s now decided to bring out this new album.

“After much encouragement from Satriani and fans, I decided to finally do this instrumental guitar album. Guitar music has changed over the years, so I did a lot of internet research. Wow, there is so much talent in the world today! I knew I had to create something that encompassed my experience and skills.”

Discussing the technicalities, he said: “For my main instrument, I experimented with a variety of guitar brands, pickups, necks, and wood types. I eventually chose something that was definitely not a shredder guitar, but rather a hybrid that was a bit difficult to play. You can hear me struggling with the instrument on the recordings which I feel gives it a feeling of intensity. The rediscovery of the instrument was cathartic, and a big part of the artistic process.”

“I partnered with the great Czech drummer Eduard Štěpánek (Dymytry, Abraxas) and recorded it at home and at various Prague recording studios. Recording and producing it on my own gave me the freedom to experiment and get really wild with things.”

Check out the video and if you like what you hear get hold of Geoff Tyson’s Drinks With Infinity.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
RAMzine Senior Writer - Writer of fiction, faction and fact, has edited several newsstand magazines. He declares himself a hack for hire but refuses to compromise on the subject of music.

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