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New Music Monday – Modern Rituals release stunning new album This Is The History

Holy Roar Records alumni Modern Rituals released their sophomore record This Is The History on March 20th. It’s a slab of sludgy alt-rock, which borrows from the 90s post hardcore of bands like At The Drive-In, and the noise rock of Shellac. Add to the mix the capability for melodies and you get a wide-ranging set of songs, bursting with creativity.

The whole record is underpinned by a monstrous bass tone, which reminds you that even during the more relaxed moments of the album, the capability to dive into sludge is always there. This is demonstrated brilliantly on ‘Sithin Flesche’ and ‘Ultima Thule’, which switch between loud and quiet masterfully.

Blissed out melodies catch the ear on ‘Them Days Is Gone’, a track which rumbles on with my bloody valentine-esque guitars punctuating the alt-rock leaning base upon which the song is built. Many of the album’s weirder moments recall the way early Biffy Clyro material turns between thick textures and howling vocals to minimal acoustic passages.

If you’re wanting an album full of hooks, but one that isn’t afraid to step on the fuzz pedals, Modern Rituals’ This Is The History is one that it’s hard to go wrong with. Yet another addition to Holy Roar’s impeccable catalogue, this album sits at the forefront of contemporary post-hardcore.

If you want to check Modern Rituals out, you can find them on facebook @modernritualsuk, Instagram @modern__rituals and twitter @ModernRRRituals. 

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