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SPQR ‘No Brain, No Pain’ EP out now

No Brain, No Pain is the third EP from self-described Art-Rock band SPQR from Liverpool. Art-Rock is a very general term, but it perfectly encapsulates the weird mix that SPQR pours into their songs. There are elements of repetitive, driving post-punk offset with synth-laden softer textures, alt-pop, and punk, all explored within a short four-track EP. Despite its brevity, the ...

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Modern Rituals

New Music Monday – Modern Rituals release stunning new album This Is The History

Holy Roar Records alumni Modern Rituals released their sophomore record This Is The History on March 20th. It’s a slab of sludgy alt-rock, which borrows from the 90s post hardcore of bands like At The Drive-In, and the noise rock of Shellac. Add to the mix the capability for melodies and you get a wide-ranging set of songs, bursting with creativity. ...

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Code Orange

Code Orange prove once again that the rules of hardcore don’t apply to them on Underneath

Code Orange are the future. On previous album Forever, they made a bold statement, fusing hardcore with power electronics to push hardcore into places it’s never been before, even reaching as far as the Grammys. Now, on this new release Underneath, they push things even further. Eric ‘Shade’ Balderose’s electronics are far more present than ever before, forming the backbone ...

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Loathe take a huge leap in their melodic abilities on “I Let It In And It Took Everything”

Liverpool band Loathe have gained a huge amount of traction within the UK metal scene since the release of their debut The Cold Sun in 2017. The mixture of hardcore, progressive metal and shoegaze-esque melodies caught the attention of a large part of the underground, and has already spawned a wave of bands adopting their style of riffing. On second ...

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German hardcore crew Giver are set to release Sculpture of Violence

German hardcore crew Giver have worked fast to follow up on their 2018 debut Where The Cycle Breaks with a focused, tight, and socially conscious record, showing off their ability to make hardcore emotional without losing its punch. Converge fans will find an immediate touchpoint in the opening notes of the record, but subsequently it takes you down a very ...

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zeal and ardor

Zeal & Ardor – Stranger Fruit

Zeal & Ardor’s 2017 Debut, Devil is Fine was an exercise in experimentation, fusing together soulful delta blues with furious, biting black metal to create an altogether new sound. The project – the brainchild of French composer Manuel Gagneaux – took hold in the metal world after a reissue through MVKA, and fast became one of the most exciting bands ...

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Odd Palace – Things to place on the moon

Danish proggers Odd Palace release Things to place on the moon

Danish band Odd Palace are building up quite a name for themselves within the modern prog community, with one well received EP under their belt and a good number of festival performances since its release. Now they are here with debut album Things To Place On The Moon, looking to raise their stature within the scene. Odd Palace are unashamedly ...

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Boss Keloid

Boss Keloid blend the very best of doom, stoner, prog, and psych into a maelstrom of sounds

Boss Keloid have slowly been infiltrating the higher echelons of UK sludge metal ever since their debut The Calming Influence Of Teeth in 2013. Following a highly praised second album, Herb Your Enthusiasm under their belt, the band moved to Holy Roar Records, now a byword for quality within the UK metal scene, and now we arrive at their third ...

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Harm's Way

Harm’s Way release an album of lean athletic fury and power

Hardcore is in a healthy state in 2018, and the competition at the top of the scene is having a thrilling trickle down effect. Nails, Full of Hell and many others have made large strides in recent years, pushing the scene further into newer and more interesting avenues. However, the shadow of Code Orange looms large over the entirety of ...

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Ne Obliviscaris - Urn

Review: Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

Australia’s Ne Obliviscaris have always stood in a field of one, even within the progressive metal scene which has many diverse acts. Their brand of techy, classical influenced metal is unlike any other band, so it has been interesting to see how their sound has developed over their last two albums. Their first, Portal Of I, was a vibrant and ...

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