Primus re-release ‘Sailing The Seas of Cheese’

American rock legends, Primus, have announced they will be re-releasing their 1991 classic album Sailing The Seas of Cheese with a brand new mix on a variety of deluxe formats.

The new mix of the album was personally overseen by vocalist Les Claypool. Les gave his opinion on the new sound:

“Musically, it holds up incredibly well.  Sonically, it holds up fairly well.  There’s some old-style reverbs that are a little bit syrupy.  With modern technology, we can fix some of that stuff.  But we don’t want to mess with it too much, because it is what it is.  We want to fatten it up a little bit.”

The deluxe edition digipack will feature the new mix of the album on both CD and 5.1 surround mix Blu-ray/DVD alongside 3 previously unreleased bonus tracks comprising of two live recordings from Primus’ 2012 ‘3D Tour’ and the Bassnectar remix of Here Come The B*****ds.

The new Sailing The Seas of Cheese mix will also be released on a 200-gram vinyl LP format. Fans purchasing the vinyl edition of the re-issue may also be lucky enough to unknowingly pick up one of 1000 unmarked copies of the album that will feature the new mix of the album on a special yellow coloured vinyl disc rather than the standard black wax.

The re-release of Sailing The Seas of Cheese will be available on May 20th via Universal Music Enterprises.


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