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Saint Deamon’s League Of The Serpent

Formed in 2006, Swedish/Norwegian melodic power metal act Saint Deamon has a new single & video out in ‘Load Your Cannons‘, ahead of new album League Of The Serpent out 21st April, following a recently signed worldwide record deal with AFM Records.

“Time to bring this beast of an album one step closer to release! What better way to do it than bringin’ out the big guns and expose the full energy of the song for our next single release in a full blown -“It don’t get closer to live than this bullsize production Video”announced the band.

“We’re extremely proud to present ‘Load Your Cannons’ to you all. Let us fill our hearts with the power of metal and the spirit of Captain Saint Deamon, and let us rock the night away! May your Friday be filled with headbanging, moshing, and the joy that can only come from Saint Deamon’s “Load Your Cannons. Rawk!”

It will be the band’s fourth  studio album, the most recent being 2019’s Ghost. The band’s previous albums, In Shadows Lost From The Brave and Pandeamonium that are now available as digital formats through AFM Records with CD Digipak editions, limited to 1000 copies, to become available as of the 9th December.

The band, featuring Jan Thore Grefstad (Vocals), Nobby Noberg (Bass), Ronny Milianowicz (Drums), Toya Johansson (Guitar), commented:

“What better way to kick of the countdown to our first release out of plenty under the AFM banner, than to bring you the essence of Saint Deamon and make it yet again available as the real deal!” Adding, “We’re for sure going to restore our own collection sins the last copy was handed out to one of you, on the road, ages ago….”

The songs have all their characteristic Saint Deamon trademarks as on our previous records“, guitarist Toya Johansson stated. “New for this record is that we’ve taken the rhythmic dimensions a step further than before. We didn’t aim for a drastic change when it comes to this but wanted to develop our polyrhythmic thinking, which I hope can be heard on some of the songs.“
There was a fresh joint feeling of “urge of renewal”, bass player Nobby added. “Not to break with the past just because of change, but trying to refine the essence of what we are and have come to be, and tweek the hell out of it.“

Vocalist Jan Thore pointed out: “This album has been written in many ways similar to how we made our debut In Shadows Lost From the Brave back then. The songs are all new and fresh, no older song ideas have been used. The album consists of everything you can expect from Saint Deamon. Heavy, fast-paced, slow, powerful and melodic – it’s all here. I really feel that what you hear on League Of The Serpent is the best version of Saint Deamon.”

League Of The Serpent features the tracks: ‘The Exodus (Intro)’, ‘My Judas’, ‘In Shadows Lost From The Brave’, ‘My Heart’, ‘The Burden’, ‘No Mans Land’, ‘Ride Forever’, ‘Black Symphony’, ‘Deamons’, ‘The Brave Never Bleeds’, ‘My Sorrow’ and ‘Run For Your Life’.

While Pandeamonium features: ‘Deception’, ‘The Only One Sane’, ‘Pandeamonium’, ‘Eyes Of The Devil’, ‘A Day To Come’, ‘Way Home’, ‘Fallen Angel’, ‘Deamon Within’, ‘Oceans Of Glory’ and ‘Fear In A Fragile Mind’. The albums can be pre-ordered here.

Paul H Birch
Paul H Birch
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