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Wonkfest 2019 – A Must See Punk Rock Festival this July!

Not all great fests are in fields and not all have to break the bank, in fact one of the best punk rock festivals in the UK takes place in the unassuming Dome in Tufnel Park, London. This year on July 27th Wonkfest returns for it’s 7th anniversary, bringing with it the best that UK Punk has to offer. 

Put together by Alex Wonk this festival incorporates the true DIY spirit of punk, providing a platform for many independent artists to get their message across to a much wider audience (fun fact; Wonkfest hosted Slaves’ first ever festival performance back in 2013). 

Spread out across the day will be 20+ bands between two stages including the likes of Youth Killed It, Guns & Wankers, The Murderburgers, Pizzatramp and of course Wonk Unit themselves. A free BBQ is also included, giving you a chance to recuperate amidst the festivities. Expect crusties, plenty of moshing, canoeing crowd surfers and inflatable velociraptors to give you a taste.
Wonk Fest

Tom Rushmer
Tom Rushmer
Photographer, Illustrator and lover of live music

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