Yes From a Page

Progressive rock giantsYes return to their back pages with the release of four tracks recorded in 2010 as new content for a miniature five piece box set from that era entitled From A Page.

From A Page features two booklets and three discs containing the studio tracks ‘To The Moment’, ‘Words On A Page’, ‘From the Turn Of A Card’ and ‘The Gift Of Love’ plus Live From Lyon 2009, all of which were recorded by the  2008-2011 line-up of Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Benoit David and Oliver Wakeman.

Exclusively available from the band’s own Burning Shed store by clicking here, From A Page cannot be bought in shops or on Amazon an its existence is due in no small part to Wakeman.

“Following Chris Squire’s passing, I felt that the new music we’d created, but not released, should be heard and not sit unfinished on a shelf,” said the keyboard player. “And with Steve, Alan and Benoit’s enthusiasm for the project, I am proud to know that this music will get to see the light of day and, hopefully, be enjoyed by Yes fans as a piece of previously hidden Yes history.” 

Wakeman personally oversaw the preparation of the previously unreleased recordings that were mixed by Karl Groom and mastered by Mike Pietrini, undertook the graphic design (with the box and one of the booklets featuring new artwork by Roger Dean) and wrote liner notes for the collection about his time in the band.

He also edited the promotional video for ‘To the Moment’ that you can view here at RAMzine.

The double CD album Live From Lyon was first released in 2010 and this edition restores ‘Second Initial’ that was previously a Japanese only bonus track. The booklet for Live From Lyon has also been redesigned and expanded.

“Good music never goes away or lays down to the commercial pressures that exist,” said Steve Howe of the project. “Oliver’s compositions, ‘To the Moment’, ‘Words on a Page’, and ‘From the Turn of a Card’ demonstrate his musicality and talents, while ‘The Gift of Love’ explores the collaborative essence of Yes, pooling ideas and then working together on its arrangement, whilst utilising all of its many themes and variations. Karl Groom and Roger Dean both contributed their skills towards making this a worthy further page in Yes‘ long and diverse musical adventures.”

As footnote, Alan White added:“I’m pleased to see a gem of Yes history coming to fruition in the form of this mini box set. New songs from the past and I’m hoping we can find even more music in the archives for future releases.”


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