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Devil Sold His Soul @ The Cellar, Southampton

All the bands on tonight’s line-up are at exciting points in their careers. Palm Reader are enjoying a second run of the UK since the release of their debut album in May. We Butter The Bread With Butter are back on British soil for the first time since the release of their third album, Goldkinder, the band’s first full length release since the group took their career into their own hands and absconded from labels. And finally, this tour would seem to hold most significance for the headliners, Devil Sold His Soul. The boys are out with their new vocalist, Paul Green, who joined the band only months before the tour began. So, have any of these fine groups let the pressure of recent success and trials affect their ability to deliver a crushing live show?

First on are local supports Parallaxis. The guys give a good varied set, dropping in an interesting metal mix of Make It Bun Dem and seamlessly dealt with a technical hitch. Whilst the front man did seem to put all his effort into entertaining the crowd, their performance was constantly held back the rest of the band who seemed either disinterested or distracted from the fact they’re on stage. All in all however, they provided an adequate opener for the crowd.

Palm Reader came out to a good build up and quite rightly followed this up with a huge amount of adrenaline in the first few songs of their set. The lead vocalist took centre stage whilst the other band members went berzerk providing an impressive spectacle. Their set was extremely heavy and inspires the first mosh pits of the night helped with some encouraging interaction from the front man. Palm Reader certainly delivered for their fans and made a good first impression for any new listeners.

It was clear earlier on in the evening that We Butter The Bread With Butter are an extremely anticipated band on tonight’s line-up. Their performance was in stark contrast to Palm Reader’s but equally as entertaining. Rather than a beautiful chaos on stage, their show was much more organised with as much strobe lighting and special effects as their reputation requires.  Vocalist Paul Bartzsch consistently riles the audience into a frenzy whilst guitarist Marcel Neumann displays excellent guitar skills that awe the crowd, creating a fantastic atmosphere and making their set more of an experience than a performance.

Headliners Devil Sold His Soul came out to a powerful opener of No Remorse and continue this energy throughout this set. They build a brilliant atmosphere which soon turns to intensity as the band begin to climb all around the stage. New vocalist Paul Green has an excellent stage presence and makes the whole audience feel included. After a heavy set the lads concluded on a fantastic rendition of Hope from their first album, certainly showing this is the beginning of a great new era.

Check out our interview with Marcel Neumann of We Butter The Bread With Butter just before the show here.

Sean Rafferty
Sean Rafferty
A metalhead residing the birthplace of metal - Birmingham!

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