Glass Ocean unveils The Remnants…

Glass Ocean
Glass Ocean

First off, this is about the Australian (not the US) band, Glass Ocean. These Aussies are way more complex and involving as their brand of rock encompasses synths, guitars, multi-tracked vocals and a drummer who is, at first listen, playing on a different record until you realise it actually fits in with their genre-crossing soundscapes. Their debut album, the cryptically titled, The Remnants of Losing Yourself In Someone Else follows a couple of previously released EPs.

The opener ‘Voyage’ sets the stage for this prog-rock band of depth and ability with its complex melodies and this is further realised on ‘A Dream From Which I May Not Wake’. A depressing title maybe, but with its echoes of (proper) Genesis with hints of Tull and Floyd it somehow works. ‘Burn’ is lifted, for me, by the fascinating guitar phrases that feature throughout this neat song. ‘Soul Slumber’ starts with ubiquitous thunder and churchy organ before melodic guitar joins in to build into another varied slice of almost poppish prog but with a weight that lifts it… if you’ll allow such an oxymoronic phrase! ‘Bolero’ is Bowie-esque in some ways but the band never stray from the heart of progginess. It may be only a minute and a half, but ‘Self And Sacrifice’ has a lyricism in the guitars as well as err, the lyrics. The final track ‘Almaida’, is full-blown prog-rock, a song chock full of varied elements that seem disparate suddenly mesh and make perfect sense.  

All in all, if you love this style of rock you most definitely love this one. It should see this talented band break into other markets too as their varied recipe will appeal across the genres.

Glass Ocean‘s debut record The Remnants of Losing Yourself in Someone Else is out now.


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