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Into the Storm/Smooth Sailing split EP

Spilt EP’s are always interesting to review. They are something of a rarity these days, and are undoubtedly a risk, as there is so much potential for things to go wrong if not done well. This, thankfully, is not the case for Seattle based bands Into the Storm and Smooth Sailing.

Of the six tracks that make up ‘Split’ that first two belong to Into the Storm, who take no time in introducing themselves and their brand of unashamedly hard and fast paced rock with ‘Murder Murder Murder’, in such a way that brings up a clashing of Slipknot and early Norma Jean.

Track two ‘So How Do You Explain All The Dead Unicorns?’ moves in a slightly different direction, instantly reminiscent of Underoath’s more experiential period twinned with Alexisonfire hardcore-esque moments. At over six minutes it is the longest track on the EP, and does suffer from its perhaps longer than needed run time, but not in a way that warrants any major point docking.

The remaining tracks belong to Smooth Sailing, and the shift is notable, but not in a way that detracts in anyway from the experience. Instead track three ‘Timmy’s Phone Number’ is under a minute of fast paced, early Alexisonfire meets Haste the Day infused noise that announces Smooth Sailing in rather ideal fashion.

Unfortunately the following two tracks, ‘Stevie Ray Oiye’ and ‘Ryler Tomo’ do stagnate things a little. Thankfully ‘Ryler Tomo’ does pick up halfway through, and in such a way that it is impossible to hold a grudge, and flows well into closing track ‘Hey Girl Egg Roll Dave Grohl’ which seems to perfectly come full circle. Almost connecting with the opening track in tone, style and feel. Slowing things down a little before building into a crescendo of noise, stopping abruptly at the end ready to begin the cycle again at track one.

This EP will not appeal to everyone, and that almost feels deliberate, instead appealing to a select few diehards in an utterly enjoyable way.

Stephen stanford
Stephen stanford
Freelance Journalist. Music reviewer. Quavers aficionado. Spent several years playing in bands and touring, and now enjoying discovering new music. Would achieve a lot more if it wasn`t for my Xbox.

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