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Mushroomhead explore their visual side with ‘Volume III’ DVD Review

With the departure of original vocalist Jeffrey “Nothing” Hatrix and guitarist Tommy Church, Volume III shows US alt metallers Mushroomhead can live on. Despite their inconsistent lineup, they have been consistently entertaining, and the DVD reflects that. From official high definition music videos and live recordings to clips shot from a phone camera, they are all equally as immersive.

It opens with a video of ‘Our Apology.’ This is a contrast to the Evil Dead inspired ‘We Are The Truth,’ which truthfully shows how their sound has evolved over the years. We are then met with other truths in the form of music videos and random clips. Throughout, we are also teased to short live sections. These are artistically shot and beautifully edited; full of dancers, water, and guest vocalists. Most of them are slowed down, showing how they own every subtle movement while normal speed instrumentation plays out.

There are two haunting full length performances of ‘One More Day’ and ‘For Your Pleasure.’ But other than that, it seems just like an art exhibition. We see more than we hear. What we do hear is good, but it was supposed to be so much more than a sequence of music videos interspersed with some weird slow motion segments, including one where a guy mimes into a fake microphone for far too long. It’s like they are models posing in front of random backdrops rather than musicians actually performing there. We even get a photographic slideshow from the set of ‘We Are The Truth.’

Highlights include a series of shots of their dog with fitting guitars screeching in the background, and Jackie LaPonza’s Snapchat contribution. The men behind the masks are truly revealed. Metal moments, like their frightening stage presence, are balanced with mellow moments, like they fun they have on the tour bus. The band members show they are just as wild as the festival crowds that chant their name.

The movie ends where it began, with music videos. This time children provide the commentary. “What is Volume III?” They ask, and that question, alongside why innocent children were even subjected to Mushroomhead, has yet to be answered, even as the credits roll. This is great for the devout fan, who wants to enter the psyche of the band, but not so much for the casual listener, who wants to hear more of their music.

Volume III is out now. For more information and to pre-order, visit Mushroomhead’s Facebook page.

Regan Harle
Regan Harle
Just a student with far too much free time on their hands, and over 13,000 songs on their phone.

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