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Review: A New Day – Forever Tonight

If you love Green DaySimple Plan, or similar pop/punk bands then you will love New Day. They are a UK based band from Essex formed in 2013 with a strong following of fans. The line-up consists of Chris Tunnicliffe (Lead Vocal & Guitar), Scott Johnson (Backing Vocal & Bass Guitar), Glen Hearn (Lead Guitar), and Sam Johnson (Drums). Glen and Scott left their previous band to star up another one with Scott’s brother Sam. Since the release of their first EP it looks like that have focused strongly on creating a bigger fan base with bigger better EP’s to come.


Chris’s soft vocals turn out some catchy tunes that will get stuck in you’re head, singing along and maybe even dancing with a spring in you’re step. Always good driving music when heading down the road. The drums and guitars are very up beat and it’s easy to hear where A New Day get there influences from especially on the begging of ‘Boyfriend’. They are bringing back the pop-punk sound back from the days of Green Day and possibility Blink 182.

‘Calling on Me’ has a change of pace, it’s a bit more or a mellow song, very much old school drum beat very much like Blink 182. ‘Faith In Me’ has a strong rhythm and is a fantastic party song with great lyrics and such a catchy chorus that will get you singing every time.

All song’s on this EP are great catchy tunes to listen to and it speaks for itself just by the following they have so far, and positive feedback by fans on social media. I can’t wait to hear more and see what is next in the pipe line to be released. A New Day have a good line-up of gigs ranging from London, Gravesend to Paris up until September this year – more information at


A New Day ‘Forever Tonight’ the 3-track EP is out now.

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