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Review: Between The Buried And Me – Coma Eclyptic

Genre: Metal core (with a difference)

The first track on the album ‘Node’ is cleverly produced, lulling the listener into a false sense of security with its captivating keyboards and harmonious vocals cleanly sung, and offers an unusual insight into a dream-like state.

‘The Coma Machine’ turns it up a notch and can boast an epic track again cleanly sung but dominated by thunderous beats and haunting keys.

‘Dim Ignition’ is a niggling rampage of keyboard that stalks its prey in a way that lingers and attacks, although the vocals are monotone and rather ugly.

‘Famine Wolf’ turns itself on its head with a mad run of keyboards that attacks vehemently amid a lush scathing vocal accompaniment be it in the background.

‘King Redeem – Queen Serene’ takes on a softer approach and totally unlike what a true metal core band would do. However, the melodic touch is alluring and appealing.

‘Turn On The Darkness’ is an ambient haunting composition that comes alive further on and smothers the senses with the dual vocal edginess that gives it plenty of depth.BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME

‘The Ectopic Stroll’ has a slight comical value attached to it, but it is inflamed with a deviant passion that flirts constantly and offers a larger picture – Great track!

‘Rapid Calm’ glides over the aural with a tempting and haunting vocal endeavour and rather dark and brooding. The melodies are rich and vibrant so it holds plenty of appeal for the listener. Another blinding track with plenty of edge!

‘Memory Palace’ pushes forth with an electric riff that tingles and beats the crap out of the ear drums. Its journey is a colourful one that boasts plenty of angry aggressive tones and voracious melodic hues. The vocals are defiant and rebellious but don’t lose their harmonic values.

‘Option Oblivion’ parades its keyboard offerings and scathing rapturous vocals to a level that perks the attention and establishes a close bond with the listener and can definitely can be called an epic track.

Finally finishing this unusual album is ‘Life In Velvet’ which is a slow tempered track with sparse but haunting keyboard and again clean vocals that outline the bands diversity. It is a thrilling forthright track that creeps up and kidnaps the senses.

Not at all what I was expecting to be honest, this is metal core with epic melodic traits that are captivating and intimidating.  It simply stirs emotions with its unusual qualities and brings a whole lot more to the table. Although I prefer a more seething vocal offering nothing can take away this bands sheer thirst for wanting to sound different!

Each chord and every breath is tailored to offer quirky and unusual, despite the clean vocals sung on all the tracks, in the background the scathing growls are very noticeable but do not dominate so it just dangles the carrot and thus keeps the attention going which I think is really clever.

Good album with attention to the smallest detail – rife melodies and good harmonies with plenty in between to get your teeth into.

Out now via Metal Blade!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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