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Review: Carnivora – The Vision

Genre: Metal

Carnivora The VisionThe Vision E.P from Carnivora has now been released and believe me when I say it will tear the linings out of your bleeding ears! ‘A Vision in Red’ simply pulverizes with a velocity that is fast and to the extreme. It never loses its grip and twists frantically into the psyche, dominating with excellent enterprise. It vocally batters along with grappling hooks of iron and melodic prowess. Being of raw content it will leave a trail of blood in its wake so aptly named, before impressively coming to its close.

‘Pessimist’s Tongue’ begins with a haunting and intriguing parallel of brutish malignance! The band use their music as a battering ram for the audial and it hurts so well! Bruising and coaxing it storms through its paces with a toxic riff that will have plenty of metal heads on their knees! Exploring a malevolent journey of shifting intensity it holds the attention with a rod of iron!

‘Razors and Rust’ is a gangrenous flurry of raw slurry – it is an energetic pounding of brutal festering that gets under the skin and infects with a rife and dangerous virus that will kill! The textures are profound and inspiring with a savage vocal offing igniting into a bristling confrontation.

‘The Reek of Defeat’ explores a passionate run of riffs, holdig an addictive melodic trait that takes the opportunity of exploiting it to its full capacity. It is a bold encounter that warrants further investigation as its full-on force cannot be ignored.

Deserving all-round attention this band are very ‘carnivorous’ in approach, meaning it will unmercifully rip the flesh from your bones, make no mistake while pouring acid onto anything that remains.

It communicates by means of riffs and rhythmic beats that intensify and are ravenous to offer more to the proceedings so what you get is a molten lava flow of red hot slurry washed down with a perplexing vocal vehemence that literally obliterates!

Four tracks just aren’t enough to even whet the appetite! Probably a full albums worth wouldn’t either as this stuff is so addictive it should carry a warning!

Be prepared Carnivora are going to eat you alive and it won’t spit out any remains it will devour everything in its path! It is so confrontational that things may come to blows!

Carnivora The Vision is out now via Manshark Entertainment.

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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