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Review: Castle Freak – Human Hive

Genre: Gore Obsessed Death Metal/Grindcore

It has always been a pleasure to review grindcore. The gory album covers, the fast mix of death metal, punk and grind elements and of course the lyrics that wage war on the ears are all things that make me smile, and this EP is no exception to the rule.

It’s quite old school so you know what you are going to get with mainly fast paced guttural growls and rip roaring aggressive screams that follow a certain crust positive sound.

Castle_Freak_Promo_PicThe angry and violent mutations allow for the listener to offload their bad feelings for the day and thus making for a peaceful life as one can return to smiling after listening to the bands frightful congealing mass of modern day heavy style.

The sampled voices ease you into the tracks like witches throwing their pray in crusty cauldrons of sulphuric acid!! But that is how it is supposed to sound it is grind after all? There is nothing ‘nicey nicey’ here, unless, if you are like me and enjoy the torturous aggression in music form and all that goes with it, then it can be somewhat relaxing! Yes you heard right!

Of course it can be shocking too! To see human entrails covered in blood and gore on an album cover, but at least the bands who wallow in this void of human waste are not trying to hide anything and give you what your heart desires!

For me it isn’t about the blood and guts so much as the ferocity of the music that diminishes a ‘bad day blues’ “put some of this on and feel your cares melt away!” Did I tell you I am weird? But I make no excuses for it!

Grindcore is such an acquired taste, I didn’t say refined, because it isn’t! It just spells out total and utter madness, and seen live you can bet that you will never want to go back to listening to mainstream, that’s for sure!

The war and gore themes are apt and in keeping with their genre and play out like a black death comedy – well to the few who don’t appreciate Grindcore, I suppose it must feel like that, but there is always a place for new and interesting genres and for me death/grind ticks all the boxes for being the most grueling and gruesome of all.

I just love Grind Core!

Pagan Hel
Pagan Hel
RAMzine Senior Writer - Although my fingers don't play frets they write with enthusiasm for metal!!!!!!

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