Review: Fueled Hate – March of the Pigs

Fueled Hate - March of the Pigs

Not only do they have a great name, they also have an amazing eye-catching cover for their new album March of the Pigs. Dirty metal most definitely describes Fueled Hate to a T. I love the rapping vocals that are mean and harsh, punchy riffs and solid rhythms backing them up. It’s definitely easy to love Fueled Hate and the chaos they produce.

Fueled Hate - March of the PigsIt is almost impossible to sing rap with a metal context being so unpredictable and ‘lively’ shall we say. Casting their impeccable magnetic grooves over the audial there’s so much to wallow in and no track is over embellished either, it is just wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) or should that be ‘hear’, for all those people unfortunate not to see them at Bloodstock creating their havoc? Still, I have never been one for large festivals and much prefer to be able to listen to a band and savour every moment without fear of someone chatting and dissing a band as happens at so many gigs, but I am happy to listen in the comfort of my own home and concentrate on what festers before my ears.

One track that stands out for me is ‘Hide and Seek’ which holds a really startling rhythm and great lyrics with thunderous charges of metal, it is a fantastic track indeed! ‘This Life’ also kicks ass and would take a long time to learn the lyrics as I said before rap isn’t easy but to a metal beat… well try it and see. ‘Bomb’ really does explode with the fastest rap lyrics I have ever heard. The aggression oozes with each word and with every damming beat! ‘Dogs’ is a little less brittle at the start, however, it does have a sneaky riff running through its veins. ‘Plagued’ has really rough edges to navigate with that guitar riff – make sure it doesn’t hook you in – but it will anyway! 

Calling’ Savagely rips into the ears like a pneumatic drill – no wonder barriers were smashed – I can well believe it. Begging Me’ is a thrilling anthemic track that throws tenacious punches like a hardened professional boxer.

I know a few people who probably hate rap metal, but put an obnoxious beat and aggressive rhythm behind it and it works. I am struggling really hard to keep up with the lyrics and I so desperately need to join in!

Fueled Hate March of the Pigs is out 25th February 2017 via Attic Records.


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