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Review: Tigercub – Evolve or Die

Brighton three-piece Tigercub sit in an interesting place in the overall British rock scene. One foot firmly placed in the indie scene that is currently thriving, and the other in territories much heavier and complex than their indie contemporaries would ever go into. Past tours with Pulled apart by horses, Demob Happy and Black Peaks show that they are not willing to fit straight into the ‘indie guitar band’ mould. Clearly not a band to sit still for long, Evolve or Die is their latest EP, following on from their debut album Abstract Figures in The Dark, and comes only a year afterwards.

The spirit of experimentation is alive and well on Evolve or Die throughout the record, and this is what sets it apart from its peers. Opener ‘Divided States of Us’ contains a repetitive, post-punk drumbeat combined with industrial electronics, and as a first impression, it makes its impact quickly. It has a chorus written perfectly to be screamed back at gigs and is the heaviest track on Evolve or Die.

Never ones to dwell on an idea for too long, each subsequent track is another turn into new directions for Tigercub. There are clicking, intense electronics on ‘Into the Ashes’, and lush mellotrons on ‘It’s Only Love’. Underpinning all of this is the fat, rumbling bass tone present on each track, which is an ever-present reminder that Tigercub have a heavy side.

Evolve or Die is something of a mission statement from Tigercub, a short, sharp burst showcasing how the band are themselves evolving. It’s hard to imagine that their follow-up will not expand on the ideas presented here, and this should be a cause for rabid excitement for any fans of Tigercub. Industrial yet atmospheric, dark yet bright, Evolve or Die establishes Tigercub’s style as their own.

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