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Have Sepultura returned to their roots?

Just when you think you’ve heard it all from Brazilian metal machines Sepultura, they go ahead and drop the 15th Earth rattling hunk of steel upon us. Andreas Kisser, Derrick Green, Paulo Jr and Eloy Casagrande are back with a vengeance since the success of their last album, Machine Messiah in 2017. Quadra, meaning four or Quadrant, is aptly named ...

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Caravela Escarlate

Through Endless Skies – An Interview With Prog Rockers Caravela Escarlate

Some months ago I came across a wonderfully eclectic and captivating album by the Brazilian prog rock entity named Caravela Escarlate. As much as I liked their self-titled record the first few times I spun the disc, it was not until I recently returned to it that it dawned on me just how amazing it truly is. Caravela Escarlate’s brand ...

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David Shankle Manowar

One man’s journey to Maniacs Metal Meeting in Brazil

It’s Thursday 7th December and I´m in the heart of Patagonia. It´s early in the morning and time to start a full extreme metal weekend. The first step is to get a plane from Comodoro (Patagonia) to Buenos Aires, then get a connection to Brazil. There’re already some people wearing black leather, they’re Mortuorial Eclipse, a symphonic blackened-death metal band. They ...

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Sepultura reveal first album trailer

Brazilian groove metal legends Sepultura have revealed the first trailer for their new album, The Mediator Between Head And Hands Must Be The Heart. This first trailer features producer Ross Robinson talking about the band’s progress in the studio as well as the recording process itself. Check out the clip below! Sepultura will release The Mediator Between Head And Hands ...

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Sepultura reveal new album title

Brazillian thrashers, Sepultura, have revealed the title of their upcoming thirteenth studio album. The boys have revealed the album will be called The Mediator Between the Head and Hands Must Be the Heart. The album’s title is inspired by the timeless Fritz Lang film, Metropolis, but has been said not to be a concept album. Andreas Kisser commented on the album’s ...

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