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Given that she was starting to listen to Led Zeppelin at the same time her friends in school were starting to listen to the Jonas Brothers, Lindsay isn't surprised that she grew up to write about rock and metal music. Originally from Chicago, Lindsay holds a BA in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University. She also writes for Consequence of Sound, is a self-appointed Sex Pistols expert, and loves to discover emerging artists. Above all else, though, Lindsay is so happy to be a part of RAMzine!
Bellevue Days

Bellevue Days Crosses Into the Caverns of the Mind in Debut, It Can’t Possibly Go Wrong Ever

It is of little secrecy that we exist in a world that perpetuates a cultural script of shedding vulnerability as we age. “Stoic” and “mature” have become synonymous, subsequently generating a behavioral connotation that has deeply woven itself into the fabric of our society.  Historically, rock music has tended to predominantly reflected this within lyrical content with the exception of ...

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Stone Temple Pilots

A Portrait of the Artist: Stone Temple Pilots Celebrate 25 Years of “Purple” with Super Deluxe Edition

This year marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the release of Purple, Stone Temple Pilots’ behemoth of a breakout record. In honor of the occasion, a super deluxe edition of Purple has been released that  contains remastered versions of the original eleven studio recordings that the world fell in love with, early demos and acoustic versions (some of which are covers), ...

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Cassels takes the ear on a journey in The Perfect Ending

A compilation of great songs as wonderful as they may be, do not automatically amount to a meaningful listening experience. After all, not everything that may be pleasing to the ear is necessarily transforming, shaping, or challenging the listener. Of course, this is not to say that every piece of music must do this, but if it does, it is ...

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Black Belt Eagle Scout

Black Belt Eagle Scout strikes a bullseye in the epicenter of the soul in upcoming record, “At The Party with My Brown Friends”

There is something effortlessly comforting about Black Belt Eagle Scout’s forthcoming record, At The Party with My Brown Friends. As a whole, the record provides a similar sensation to changing into dry clothes after getting caught in the rain, or drinking a soothing, warm beverage in the small hours of the morning. Yet, the record is also reminiscent of the ...

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Fangclub amplifies skill and sophistication on upcoming LP, Vulture Culture

Fangclub has long been teetering on the precipice of explosion. Their second LP Vulture Culture, which is set for release on 5 July, encompasses enough sonic power and creative mastery to push them over the edge into universal acclaim. The Dublin-based trio (comprised of Steven King, Kevin Keane, and Dara Coleman) have long illustrated a steadfast ability to create rock ...

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Interpol indulges the ear with new EP, ‘A Fine Mess’

Interpol’s latest EP, A Fine Mess, serves as a robust and worthy successor to last summer’s album, Marauder. What is perhaps the most notable aspect of A Fine Mess is that it is consistent in its strength; it exists without choppy transitions, nor does it attempt to infuse each track with any musical element it does not need. Interpol has ...

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Gloo reigns supreme with riotous new EP ‘Stop and Stare’

Gloo’s 2018 debut album A Pathetic Youth made far more than a splash upon its release, it catalyzed a tidal wave. It is a welcome rarity, yet a rarity no less, for a band’s inaugural album to be so impactful and polished, yet that was precisely what the Littlehampton-based trio delivered. When a band starts off that strong, it’s natural ...

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Beach Slang

Beach Slang does Minnesota music titans proud on new EP, MPLS

Leave it to Beach Slang to pack a tremendous punch in just two songs alone, and to sweeten the deal, have those songs not even be their own. The band may be from Philadelphia, but they’ve taken on covers from two of Minnesota’s finest musicians in their latest EP, MPLS: Paul Westerberg and Bob Mould. Westerberg and Mould were in The ...

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Lemuria crafts an elixir of fantasy and vigor on The Hysterical Hunt

Lemuria’s latest album, The Hysterical Hunt, is something of the auditory manifestation of a Brother’s Grimm fairy tale. Lemuria harnessed elements of fantasy (largely bolstered by song titles such as ‘An Elusive Monster’, ‘As Darkness Falls’, and ‘A Plague Upon the Land’) and wrapped it in a dark mysticism to create an intriguing hybrid of imagination with the classic tropes ...

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Craneium fashions a compelling musical epic on The Narrow Line

Craneium’s latest album, The Narrow Line, bares several similarities to an ancient Grecian epic; both works contain the hallmarks of a fantastical journey. For one, they surprise: shifts in tone, dynamic, and elemental feeling take the ear and the mind’s eye alike on something of a grandiose adventure that entails diversions and sharp turns that are unexpected yet thrilling. In ...

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