RAMzine Classics

Ministry - Sphinctour

RAMzine Classic Album: Ministry – Sphinctour

Did you know that Ministry were once a new wave synth pop outfit driven by Al Jourgenson in 1981? The 80’s were a time for synthesisers and saw Ministry change their style to become one of the leading industrial metal bands of the 80’s. Their success was made paramount in the early naughty nineties when they released their fifth studio ...

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Girlschool Reissues

RAMzine Classic: Girlschool — Demolition, Hit And Run + Screaming Blue Murder

Girlschool, formed in the intoxicating years of the NWOBHM movement, and are the longest serving New Wave rock band in the world, comprising all women. The band remains active today after more than 35 years. Formed from the remains of a Wandsworth, South London school cover-band — they called themselves “Painted Lady” — Girlschool enjoyed the strong media exposure and ...

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RAMzine Classic: Judas Priest - Sin after Sin

RAMzine Classic: Judas Priest – Sin After Sin

Judas Priest Sin after Sin was released 8th April 1977 through CBS Records. Who would have thought that Judas Priest started their incredible journey in 1969. Their first album was brought out in 1974 and entitled Rocka Rolla. My favourite album from Priest is without doubt Sin after Sin released in 1977 mainly due to the fact it brings back memories spending my time ...

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Lone Star - Firing on all Six

RAMzine Classic: Lone Star – Firing on all Six

Lone Star are an underrated band, from Cardiff, forming in 1975 and swapping various members of the band for the line-up they had in 1977. I first spotted them on The BBC in Concert in December ’77, introduced by Pete Drummond. Their remarkable album Firing on all Six (which was the band’s second album, Lone Star being the band’s first and released ...

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Grand Funk by Grand Funk Railroad

RAMzine Classic: Grand Funk by Grand Funk Railroad, released 1969

Grand Funk aka The Red Album was Grand Funk Railroad’s second studio album and was, according to bass player Mel Schacher, his favourite album. The band were also known as GFR or Grand Funk, the original name being taken from the Grand Trunk Western Railroad that passed through Michigan, the band’s home state. The band started out as a power ...

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Review: Tyrannosaurus Rex – Albums Re-released

The first three albums by Tyrannosaurus Rex, that characterized the music of original duo of Marc Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took, have been released as deluxe editions for the first time by Polydor / Universal Music Catalogue. These newly re-mastered versions generously update any previously released material. Long before Marc was a Jackie magazine teenage heartthrob and a fully-fledged Metal ...

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Anthrax – Among The Living

Underrated, under appreciated, yet one of the best metal bands of the last 30 years. Anthrax are a band that everyone knows, everyone loves, yet not enough people truly love. With the marriage of heavy riffs and high sweeping vocals, they set the template for melodic thrash metal. No better was this shown than on their 1987 masterpiece ‘Among the ...

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alice in chains

Alice in Chains – Dirt

I always thought that grunge was an interesting concept. Plenty of bands came out of that Seattle hotbed in the early 90s, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. However, one band had that crossover appeal into metal and with their dark, brooding lyrics and melodies, became the thinking man’s grunge band. With their seminal album “Dirt”, the band bridged that ...

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Metallica – Metallica

This is probably one of the most well known heavy metal albums in history. It catapulted thrash metal into the mainstream, with Metallica’s more commercially minded sound shining through. Affectionately referred to as “The Black Album”, to do with its predominately black artwork, this is the album the band are best known for. Released in 1991, it features James Hetfield ...

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KISS – Destroyer

You wanted the best, you got the best. As the announcer proclaims over the PA before every KISS concert, I figured I’d paraphrase him at the start of this week’s RAMzine Classic. The subject this week being KISS’ seminal 1976 release ‘Destroyer’. This album included the band’s classic lineup, Paul Stanley (The Starchild) on guitar/vocals, Gene Simmons (The Demon) on ...

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