Sunday, March 3, 2024
Green Bullfrog

RAMzine Classic – Green Bullfrog reaches its 50 (and 30) year anniversary

When, in 1972, an album was released that featured artists named Boots, The Boss, The Vicar, Sleepy, Sorry, Pinta, Speedy, Bevy and Jordan, it...
Samantha Fish - Runaway

RAMzine Modern Classic – Samantha Fish – Runaway

With her new album about to be released to great expectations, I thought it fitting that we look at her first studio album from...
Graham Bonnet

That’s the way it is – The 40th anniversary of Graham Bonnet’s Line-Up album

One remarkably diverse and hugely entertaining record that is turning forty years old in 2021 is Graham Bonnet's Line-Up, which was originally released by...
The Kennedy Experience

RAMzine Classic – The Kennedy Experience

I always try to do something different for the RAMzine Classic feature. I can think of dozens of genuine classics, nearly all of which...
Come An’ Get It Whitesnake

Lonely Days, Lonely Nights – Celebrating The 40th Anniversary Of Whitesnake’s Come An’ Get...

Legendary hard rockers Whitesnake surely need no introduction as they have been at it since the late 70s and released several albums that are...
Butterfly Ball

Roger Recruited Rock Royalty for a Rock Opera

Any project starring Roger Glover, David Coverdale, Glenn Hughes, Ronnie James Dio, Tony Ashton and John Lawton (to name a few) would normally get...
Rainbow's Difficult To Cure

In The Dark The Dancers Shout – A Short Essay On Rainbow’s Difficult To...

When former Deep Purple guitarist Ritchie Blackmore launched Rainbow in 1975 (the self-titled debut LP released that same year sported the moniker Ritchie Blackmore’s...
DIO Strange Highways

On Strange Highways: A Short Essay On Dio’s Doom-laden 1993 Masterpiece

All the way back in 1993, the DIO band, which was spearheaded by legendary and much-missed vocalist Ronnie James Dio, released an utterly raw,...
Whitesnake debut

Trouble On The Horizon – A short essay on Whitesnake’s glorious debut album

The legendary purveyors of bluesy hard rock known as Whitesnake surely need no introduction as this awe-inspiring collective of musicians have crafted some of...
Miller Anderson – Bluesheart

RAMzine Classic: Miller Anderson – Bluesheart

Born in Houston (in Renfrewshire, Scotland, not the Texas upstart!) is the guitarist who has graced the studio and stage (including the genuine Woodstock...