Metallica Discography

Discography Dissection: Metallica So, this is a new feature on different bands’ discographies to give a helping hand to those just getting into rock and metal to give insight on where to start when trying to get into new bands. I had the same problems many moons ago when first getting into this vast scene of music myself and didn’t ...

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four people

Introducing… Four People

After having a tip off about a free spirited folk quartet from Falmouth we headed up to London for a listen. The band is made up of, surprisingly enough, four people, Jessie (vocals), Joe (guitar), Rosa (violin) and Than (Cello and sax). The eclectic quartet mixes it up a little with frequent visits from percussionist Becca. I grabbed the band ...

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hrh prog

HRH Prog Festival Review

Big is not the word. The Magna building in Rotherham is absolutely colossal. A former steelworks, this vast 3/4 of a mile long building, looms across the South Yorkshire landscape like a science fiction version of Table Mountain. The building is so huge that it can easily accommodate an airship without you even noticing. This amazing steel hulk was the ...

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Top Ten Items of Band Merchandise

Every band has t-shirts, albums, records, patches and maybe the occasional book after a few years. Then After a while, most fans will get used to the continuous production of most generic items of band merchandise. However, once in a while, a band will break the mould and explore new territory to offer fans something completely different with often very ...

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Black Sabbath – Paranoid

We’ve been through this all before. Black Sabbath were the first heavy metal band. Working the “diminished 5th” chord, or “tri-tone”, they created a sound that was simply more evil and heavy than their predecessors on their self titled 1970 debut release. However, it was with October 1970’s “Paranoid” that the band began to explore more commercial avenues, while still ...

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RAMzine Introduces… A Joker’s Rage

“This is not in vain, close your eyes,” quotes A Joker’s Rage singer Zakk Taylor at the start of their excellent 2012 EP “The Masquerade”. It may be a lyric, however it also aptly sums up what this band stand for. It’s not a vanity project by any means; it’s five down to earth guys making catchy rock music for ...

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Top Ten Beards in Rock & Metal

Top Ten Beards in Rock & Metal As we all know, beards are the consummate symbol of manliness. To other men, a beard states you are rugged and tough, but also a deep thinker, and also a fantastic guy to share a beer with; to women it says that you are a gentleman and extremely sexually proficient. In rock and metal ...

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Scorpions – Love At First Sting

Sometimes, we all wish music was like it was in the 80s again. Some of the most important music of the last century came out of that decade, in all genres. This was particularly evident in rock and metal. One band, hailing from Germany, typifies this. With their technical twin guitar attack and collective ear for what makes a song ...

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RAMzine Introduces… Griever

Those of you who have got your sh*t together and know what’s up may have caught Griever on their recent tour with Being As An Ocean and Napoleon. I’m going to be honest, that’s where I was first made aware of them. I had never heard of them before Saturday night; now I cannot stop listening to them. The strength ...

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Top ten

RAMzine Top Ten Gone Before Their Time

It’s a common debate and topic; the phrase ‘gone before their time’ can be focused on all manner of things, from sports, to writing and then of course, to music. It’s easy to drag up the old clichés of a list of heroes that through their choice or through tragedy have died before they really explored their genius, and then ...

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