led zepplin

Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin II

Led Zeppelin are simply the most influential band of all time. If you speak to any rock musician in the modern world, it’s pretty much guaranteed that they’ve been influenced by Zeppelin, or by a band that was influenced by them. The fact the band transcend generations with their high octane rock is astounding. Comprised of vocalist Robert Plant, guitarist ...

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Radio Alcatraz

RAMzine Introduces… Radio Alcatraz

Radio Alcatraz are a band that were formed around what is essentially the best goal a band can have: to make music that’s honest and credible and to have a live show to match. And boy have they done it! Producing a sound that stems from a variety of influences including Breach, At The Drive In, Refused, Hell Is For ...

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Top 10C Drummers

RAMzines Top Ten Drummers

People love a frontman – he’s at the front of the stage if you’re at a gig, or the focal point of that track that your listening to. They’re all clever wordplay and pitch perfect notes; then you’ve got those kicking guitars, maybe its the lead, bass, rhythm or backing but its the hips of the song, all grind and ...

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AC/DC – Back In Black

Iconic. Quintessential. Timeless. This series of articles is meant to be about albums and bands that encompass these three words. We’ve covered bands from Aerosmith to Pantera and Van Halen to Iron Maiden. However, there’s one band with one particular album that you can’t help but like. That band is AC/DC, and the album is 1980’s “Back in Black”. “Back ...

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RAMzine Introduces… FLiCKER

If you’re missing a bit of punk-rock energy in your life, Brit trio FLiCKER are here to save you! Setting the music scene alight in their home city of Norwich and beyond, their punchy guitars and infectious melodies are old school punk with a modern twist. The band demonstrate a clear love for, and strong understanding of, the genre; but ...

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sex pistols

The Sex Pistols – Nevermind The Bollocks

First of all let’s make a few assumptions. Because you are reading a predominantly guitar based music magazine I am assuming you have listened to this album at least once. It’s likely that you probably own it. Because you can read and understand English I’m assuming you’ve heard at least two of the songs on this album. If you not ...

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Altaar main feature

Interview with ALTAAR

ALTAAR is the creation of Andreas Tylden and Sten Ove Toft. Andreas Tylden has often been described as one of the most important characters in Norwegian hardcore during last decade. And Sten Toft has been described as Norway’s ‘king of noise’. Together, they have assembled an all-star team with ALTAAR . These Oslo, Norway based doom-masters are now considered to ...

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Faith No more

Faith No More – Angel Dust

1989 saw a lot of changes for Faith No More: they had hired a bundle of energy with a high voice in Mike Patton and ‘The Real Thing’ marked a massive surge forward in quality. Their previous two albums only showed glimpses of what might happen if they could harness that creativity. By 1990 the album had hit big time ...

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Classic audioslave

Audioslave – Audioslave

There seems to be a recurring ‘supergroup’ theme in recent RAMzine Classic articles. As always, the albums that are analysed are done so because they are shining examples to the rest of the music world on how to create music of the highest quality. This is certainly the case with this week’s classic: Audioslave’s self-titled album. This was a band ...

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Whose year is it?

2013: Whose Year is it?

It has to be said that there certainly are some bands that are going to be huge this year, without question some bands are going to see their careers take flight and propel them into the eye lines of an awful lot of the public, whether that public want to see them or not. This country (UK) has always had ...

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