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Extrema – Seed of Foolishness

Extrema are an Italian HEAVY metal band. They have been around since the 80s, and opened for the likes of Metallica. They are soon to unleash their thrash sounds on the world in the form of ‘Seed of Foolishness’. Here is our track-by-track account of the new album. Between the Lines Noteworthy and vibrantly intense – firing brutally into a ...

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gates of hell

Gates of Hell – Critical Obsession

Track by track review Releasing the Disease Let the crunch begin!!!! Orgasmic rhythms come pumping from the speakers in constant succession with a sampled voice this however fades and a nice chug comes into play with a swaggering plethora of melodies which has me turning the volume up for better effect but sadly this is all you get! But loving ...

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Immolation – Kingdom of Conspiracy

It has been said that this is a band who are known for their ability to develop and grow with each releases, if great Death Metal is what you are after, great Death metal is what you are going to get! Each track on this album is unique, and thus we give you our track by track review of IMMOLATIONs ...

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Hells Addiction

Hell’s Addiction – Raise Your Glass

Yes – it’s amazing when you hear a great band rising from the UK! It’s like a huge thumbs up to all the rock bands practising in their dingy bedrooms and an inspiration to keep going. Hell’s Addiction, a rock ‘n’ roll quartet from Leicester, are a fabulous mix of old school riffs, gruff vocals and pure energy. Think Motley ...

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Thy Art Is Murder ‘Hate’

Despite being one of it’s longest standing sub-genres, death metal has always lurked on the periphery of our culture like that weird kid at school who sat on his own pulling the wings off flies and then later turns out to be a serial killer. Nonetheless, the very presence of Thy Art is Murder shows that there are some youngsters ...

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Avantasia ‘The Mystery of Time’

“So take the time to follow me into a small old English town during the Victorian era and join a young agnostic scientist by the name of Aaron Blackwell as he is forced to explore the coherencies of time, God and science; torn between beliefs in his professional conviction, his spiritual intuition, love and a lodge of scientific occultists.” Thus ...

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Soilwork The Living Infinite

Soilwork ‘The Living Infinite’

The pathway of musical history is littered with examples of bands who have tried to make double, or even triple, disc albums and have not succeeded. Invariably the first album has had some decent tunes on it, but nothing that stands out that much, and the second album is normally pretty poo. It is a shame, but it seems that ...

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fall out boy

Fall Out Boy ‘Save Rock and Roll’

In case you’ve spent the last couple of months under a rock, or on the moon – or possibly under a rock ON the moon – this February, pop-punk heroes Fall Out Boy returned from a four-year hiatus with the promise of a new album, ‘Save Rock and Roll’. Clearly, the band have been just as impatient to get their ...

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the ocean between us

The Ocean Between Us ‘SAVOIR FAIRE’

The North of England has a reputation of spitting out some of the gnarliest bands this side of Bring Me The Horizon, and The Ocean Between Us are no exception.  Originally formed in 2009, these Leeds based lads are releasing their debut album, ‘SAVOIR FAIRE,’ via record label A Wolf At Your Door on the 25th March, so if you ...

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Wardruna yggdrasil cover

Wardruna – Yggdrasil

In 2003 three Norwegians began the musical collective that is Wardruna to produce music derived from the elder futhark (an ancient runic alphabet the meanings to which were only rediscovered in the 19th century). Wardruna features the voices of Einar Kvitrafn Selvik, Kristian Espedal and Lindy-Fay Hella, with Selvik also taking on the roles of writer, multi-instrumentalist and producer. On ...

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