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Soulfly ‘Savages’

After the release of Soulfly’s 2nd album ‘Primitive’ they encountered a big lull in terms of the quality of the music they were putting out. Though ‘Primitive’ was hardly a masterpiece and suffered from having a plethora of lacklustre nu metal riffs that sounded like they’ve been chucked into songs purely for the sake of it there was some great ...

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Jonny Cola & The A-Grades ‘Spitfire’

Hark! Is that a Rolls-Royce engine that I can hear puffing away beyond those branches? Perhaps it is. Is that a Beano annual that I have found under my bed? So it is. Is that a Chinnichap riff filling the track ‘In The Woods’ by Jonny Cola and the A-Grades. Yes, it seems so. I must therefore assume that I ...

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Kids in Glass House ‘Peace’

Kids in Glass House, hail from Cardiff, South Wales. The band formed back in 2003 and over the early years gained a lot of support from fellow Welsh bands of the same rock genre. In 2008 they released their debut album Smart Casual, and is one which is a very memorable one, to this day. Kids In Glass Houses are ...

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Isvind ‘Daumyra’

Hailing from Oslo the birth place of Black Metal, Isvind formed at the time when Black Metal was going to come very much to the attention of the world (sadly not for the music it was producing). Isvind are a band very much about the traditions of those days, musically that is. After a lengthy split they returned with the ...

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HAKEN ‘The Mountain’

Haken were once described (by Classic Rock presents Prog Magazine) as: “Prodigiously talented youths that will benefit prog.” And it appears that they have now repaid that complement, by creating a masterpiece that can be enjoyed by all. After Haken’s début album ‘Aquarius’ enjoyed international release in 2010, the band began to spread their music across Europe , and started ...

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Deaf Havana ‘Old Souls’

Sometime back in the 2000s, a five-piece from rural North Norfolk, who could have been neatly slotted into the post-hardcore/screamo scene, took to the stage in front of a relatively small crowd at The Waterfront in Norwich. Fast-forward to 2013, the same band have played to huge crowds at major UK festivals, sold out tour venues across the UK, changed ...

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Indicative ‘Indicative’

In recent years, the increasing use of the internet has opened up listeners to more colourful and progressive styles of music. The myriad or genres and sub genres just within the category of heavy metal are innumerable these days. And, within these sub genres there are often bands which sound very similar to one another. Having said this, one also ...

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touch stone

Touchstone ‘Oceans Of Time’

The argument continues. Punk killed Prog. Some say it did. Others are less certain. Some are of the opinion that prog rock just killed itself. Like an overstuffed, greedy banker – it died of a heart attack after a particularly corpulent, pushy-mouthed binge. It died of mindless over-consumption. It expired because of unchecked obesity. Too fat and too lazy to ...

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amon amarth deceiver of the gods banner

Amon Amarth ‘Deciever of the Gods’ Review

Conceptual metal bands don’t get much bigger than this. Everyone’s favourite Norse-themed heroes, Amon Amarth, have returned with their ninth studio album, Deceiver of the Gods. The group, possibly best known for their 2008 hit, Twilight Of The Thunder God, have had an ever growing fan base in the UK thanks to some fantastic shows on tour, an impressive set ...

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Nekrogoblikon ‘Power’

If you have heard of Nekrogoblikon, chances are it is because of the absolutely fantastic video for ‘No One Survives’, which went viral upon its release last year. Its virality was completely deserved; slick, sleek and funny, the video chronicles the tale of a down on his luck goblin who snaps under the pressure of urban living. Consequentially, interest in ...

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