H.E.A.T Rises!

Sweden’s H.E.A.T has released ‘Rise’, the second single from their forthcoming album H.E.A.T II.

While the still relatively young band has a number of albums already its collective belt the reason for the titling is that they see it as if they were making a debut album all over again.

Self-produced by band members Jona Tee (Keyboards) and Dave Dalone (Guitar), they along with Erik Grönwall (Vocals), Jimmy Jay (Bass) and Don Crash (Drums) explained their thoughts behind the new single:

“’Rise’ is about uniting and rebelling against the powers that be. Whatever that may be is subjective to the listener.” 

‘Rise’ is available as a stream and to download by clicking here.

For more on H.E.A.T at RAmzine click here.

Catch the lyric video for ‘Rise’ right here at RAMzine.

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