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Qntal Release VIII- Nachtblume

Krautrock was the disparaging term created to describe Germany’s unique musical development from the late sixties on, wherein they incorporated space rock and early progressive elements and advanced the use of synthesisers. Since 1992, Qntal have taken that theme in another direction, merging electronic sounds with medieval melodies, and on 9th March they will be releasing their latest album VIII- Nachtblume through ...

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Schattenman Release Licht An

Neue Deutsche Härte, industrial and metal, as infected by melodic hooklines is what we’re promised on Licht An the debut album from Schattenman released on 2nd March through Drakkar Entertainment. “We sing about things that keep us in suspense,” said vocalist Frank Herzig, who also produced the album at West Records Studios. “We want to unearth the things hiding deep within us.” Formed ...

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Thaurorod – Coast of Gold

Finnish power metal band Thaurorod release their latest album Coast Of Gold on 16th February through Drakkar Entertainment. Musically, Finland’s town of Hyvinkää where they hail from is best known as a hotbed for black metal, so an act like Thaurorod practically get viewed as deviants. The band is used to overcoming obstacles though, operating a revolving door of members ...

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