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Download Festival


Our favourite premier rock festival, Download, has now announced a load more bands! Blackwater Conspiracy – Blackwaters – Code Orange – Devin Townsend Project – Drones – Krokodil – Love Zombies – Machine Gun Kelly – Max & Igor Cavalera – Nothing More – Orange Goblin – Otherkin – Pertubator – Sick Puppies – Sikth – Suicide Silence – Tax ...

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Suicide Silence

Review: Suicide Silence – Self-Titled

Let’s start by saying that the guitar riffs on this opening track weave an intense twisting array of mental madness, along with the savagery that is executed in the vocal arena – let me introduce you to ‘Doris’. She’s evil personified believe me and works through the vocal secretions of Eddie Hermida who seems to be possessed by her spirit. ...

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Asking Alexandria, GWAR, and more announced for Gathering of the Juggalos 2016

US ‘cult’ festival Gathering Of The Juggalos surprise us yet again by announcing some amazing rock and metal acts to their line-up. For those who don’t know: GOTJ is a festival overseen by colourful hip-hop duo Insane Clown Posse, aimed at their loyal fans. Among all the underground rap and hip-hop acts there is usually some gems from the rock ...

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EP Review – Suicide Silence – Sacred Words

Suicide Silence’s woes have been well documented over the last few years. The tragic death of Mitch Lucker would have knocked most bands down for ten, but they came firing back with the brilliant ‘You Can’t Stop Me’. ‘Sacred Words’ is a single from said album and comes packaged along with five other tracks or at least three live tracks ...

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Photo by Aaron Cope

Interview with Suicide Silence at MetalDays 2015

Victoria Purcell (VP) caught up with Eddie Hermida (vocals) and Mark Heylmun (guitar) of Suicide Silence at MetalDays Festival 2015. Amongst talking about the beautiful location of the festival in Slovenia, VP asks the band their take on the music industry today. They are keen to show their take no bullshit attitude on things. After their tour with Korn in the ...

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Metaldays 2015

MetalDays 2015 – Festival Review

Any spare time I get throughout festival season, you can find me in a field in a tent – that’s my happy place. Each year I face the same dilemma, I dream of a beach holiday in the sun; I know I should travel more, but I just can’t draw myself away from the festivals. Music is what I live ...

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impericon festival


Impericon Festival already has a mega line-up with Deathcore titans SUICIDE SILENCE! This will be a 2015 exclusive for the band, so if your a fan, get on them £23 early bird tickets now! The line-up also features The Ghost Inside, Whitechapel, Adept, Deez Nuts, Stick To Your Guns, and Black Tongue. With even more to ace Hardcore and Metal ...

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suicide silence

Suicide Silence Mobile App Unveiling

The future of the music industry is an uncertain one, which is disputed time and time again. The power of the internet, that bittersweet tool, gives power in both positive and negative ways. With the invention of social media which attracts billions of users a day, artists are blessed with the ease of gaining a mass audience. However the invention ...

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suicide silence

Review: Suicide Silence – You Can’t Stop Me

Suicide Silence are an American band from Riverside, California. Formed in 2002, and specialise in death core. They actually started out as a side project as all the members were actually in other bands at the time and their sound when they started out was more of a sludgy nature, unlike the extreme death core they now play. Not without ...

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suicide silence 2013

Suicide Silence release behind the scenes footage of ‘You Can’t Stop Me!’

Footage has been released of Suicide Silence recording with new front man Eddie Hermida, formerly of All Shall Perish. You can watch the clip here: ‘You Can’t Stop Me!’ is the band’s first full length album since loosing singer Mitch Tucker. The album will be released in the UK on July 14th. The new single ‘Cease to Exist‘ is available ...

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