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virus - coke finlay

Virus – The Thrash band that took a “20-odd-year” hiatus, return!

Coke Finlay the lead guitarist and vocalist of Virus clearly has a problem… Imagine if you formed a Thrash band all the way back in ’86, you were in your prime, one of the first bands to be signed to Combat¬†Records; which later also became the home of Megadeth, Nuclear Assault, Agnostic Front, Agent Steel, Dark Angel, and Exodus. You ...

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Dope are back with new album ‘Blood Money Part 1’

Alternative metal heroes Dope are back with new album ‘Blood Money Part 1’. This will be their first album in seven years, and is due for release on October 28th. Front-man Edsel Dope had this to say: “I think that it’s fair to say that Dope is one of the more evolved bands from our genre & time period … ...

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