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2013: Whose Year is it?

It has to be said that there certainly are some bands that are going to be huge this year, without question some bands are going to see their careers take flight and propel them into the eye lines of an awful lot of the public, whether that public want to see them or not. This country (UK) has always had a long and proud alternative scene, and this decade, this year especially, we are likely to see it expand and diversify more than any of us could have thought. We went out into the street and asked some of our RAMzine Journalists (they just happened to be there) who they thought were going to make it big this year. We also asked the opinion of Robyn from, which you can read further down the page. First up though its me, Andy Leddington (RAMzine Journalist):

“For me, Crossfaith are going to be one of the bands that draw in crowds from the whole world. If you don’t know, they are an Japanese band who mix proper heavy, screamy metalcore with rave synth lines and some excellent samples. Their music is just the ultimate in having an insane time, and even if you don’t like them on record (which, incidentally, makes you smell funny and be sexually attractive to foxes) anyone who has seen you live can assure you that there are very few bands who bring the same level of intense party; if you think it’s fun dancing to Omen at a club, just wait until you see the Crossfaith version. There is not a single moment on their new Zion EP that I did not enjoy, that combined with their live show means that there are an awful lot of people who are going to be raving about this band as much as me.”

“Now, there are two bands who both have the potential to go massive this year. Not just because they both have absolutely stunning tunes but also because their crossover appeal is some of the best on the market (yeah, you heard Enter Shikari). Both Hacktivist and Issues are pioneering in metal music, with something a little extra…. more metal . If you don’t know, Hacktivist mix Heart of a Coward-esque dj-influenced riffs with grimy, fast rapping courtesy of the two MCs that front the band; Issues are mostly made up of ex-Woe, Is Me members, and while Woe, Is Me have got a slight element of this, Issues sound extremely like Chris Brown or Drake mixed with bouncy metalcore, even heavy metal, riffs and screams. I’m fully aware that those two descriptions will have put a vast amount of people off both of those bands, and even I think that my description doesn’t quite do them justice, but there really is no one true way of describing these bands, it’s just something you have to experience for yourself.”

“One final recommendation from me is Midlands metallers Sworn to Oath. Their debut album is out this year, and if you are in to proper metal/hard rock/that kind of rock with a real southern swagger and twang to it, then this is most certainly an album to pick up. They may only be a three-piece, but they have the weight of a Mountain Troll in their sound, and if they’re good enough to land support slots with Young Guns, Periphery, Hatebreed and Meshuggah, then they’re definitely good enough to deserve your attention.”

Scott Hudson (RAMzine Journalist):

“My big pick for this year has to be rock heroes Kodiak Jack! Hailing from the South Coast with a rough and ready blend of Alter Bridge and Alice In Chains this five piece already have one album under their belts, 2011’s ‘Your Death: My Glory’ which garnered awesome reviews from the critics and even a feature on Eurosport! But the reason that they will hit the big time for me is the next album is due out this year and will be produced by none other than Brian Wheat of Tesla fame, expect them to wash away synth rock this year!”

Stephen Stanford (RAMzine writer):

“2013 IS going to be the year you hear about S.E.A.S.O.N.S, and here is why. When they were featured in RAMzine last year they were very much in the early stages of announcing themselves, well now things have changed. With the album in the works and a small number of shows behind them, the years that went into planning and building S.E.A.S.O.N.S are finally paying off. It’s refreshing to see a band with such drive and determination, as well as the intelligence and honesty to produce music and ideas outside of the constant regurgitation of many before them. I insist that you check them out, rather than fob them off, just give them a chance and a listen, and I very much guarantee you won’t be disappointed . You will hear about this band and you don’t want to be sorry you weren’t there at the start.”

 “Now, let’s be honest, Bring Me the Horizon used to be atrocious. In my opinion their first EP and album were just terrible; ‘Suicide Season’ definitely picked up, although in my opinion there are still some pretty bad bits on that. ‘There Is a Hell’… on the other hand. Now we are talking. I really loved this album. With such a massive hype for their follow-up ‘Sempiternal’, even if it’s bad, BMTH are going to enjoy incredible success off the back of it. Judging by the sound of it though, it’s going to be awesome.”

Editors Note: ‘Suicide Season’ is an amazing album …. I wouldn’t call BMTH terrible at all, bring on ‘Sempiternal’! \m/

“Killswitch Engage in their incredible career have essentially defined a genre. Without them…. metalcore would be nothing like the beast we know today. ‘Alive or Just Breathing’ was an absolutely essential album, and still is. Some people have said that there was a definite drop-off since the ‘End of Heartache’ (with now ex-singer Howard Jones fronting the band) but now Jesse Leach is back at the helm, after their incredible performance at Download last year, and with a storming new album being praised by critics across the board, I honestly think Killswitch could end up being one of the most successful bands of the year.”

Guest Contributor: Robyn Lees (EIC of

“Choosing just one band that you think will be successful in 2013 is always a difficult choice, with so many great bands out there to choose from. However for me, the clear contender for this title is Cold In Berlin. Demonstrating a fantastic vocal range with evocative vocals, ruthless guitars and immense drums that all pound into the heart of darkness and doom, you can’t help but become steadily addicted. There is nothing I would rather be doing than immersing myself in the mesmerising melodies and strong energy of Cold In Berlin.”

Victoria Purcell (RAMzine Editor):

“Being the Editor of RAMzine I tend to get sent a lot of music, so I am purely going to pick the bands that have stood out to me the most this past year. These are bands that don’t currently have any plans to come over to the UK & both bands (in my opinion) are extremely under-rated at the moment. Firstly, the band whose new album impressed me the most was Dreamshade with ‘The Gift of Life’. RAMzine recently reviewed this album with a 9/10, personally I would have given it a 10/10. I could not fault this album, its genuinely the album I have been waiting for. Maybe its because for me, I love such classics as Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Drowning Pool, and Disturbed (a mix, I know). But I also like newer rock & metal such as A Day To Remember, Attack! Attack!, and Bury Tomorrow. For me Dreamshade is like all of these bands have been thrown together, with the most tremendous outcome. A bit of that classic metal from 8 years ago, with some new metal, and very melodical. At the same time this album is easy listening for me, its got the hardcore elements that I love in music, but not to the point where Its repetitive. I would recommended you check Dreadshade out if your a fan of Power Metal!”

“Secondly I simply must choose Aoria with their new album ‘The constant’. This album is literally phenomenal. I can’t help but compare Aoria to Dream Theatre. ‘The Constant’ has that dramatic but powerful, and certainly mature feel to it. This is a band who know what they are doing, and they do it well. Extremely powerful, extremely melodic, extremely progressive. ‘The Constant’ is the type of album you can listen to on your headphones, walking around town, and you feel like your in a dramatic film. I would recommend Aoria to fans of progressive metal and Dream Theatre.”

Organised By: Andy Leddington.

Contributors: Andy Leddington, Stephen Stanford, Scott Hudson, Robyn Lees, Victoria Purcell.

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