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Vended discuss ‘Nihilism’ being therapy

Vended are a band formed in 2018 by Griffin Taylor (vocals) and Cole Espeland (lead guitarist) during their early teenage years. The lineup also includes Simon Crahan (drums), Jeremiah Pugh (JJ) on bass and backing vocals, and Connor Grodzicki handling rhythm guitar along with backing vocals. With one EP under their belt, numerous singles and having toured across the UK previously, Vended were back drawing in crowds all over the UK.

In this interview, we discuss their tracks ‘The Far Side’ and ‘Nihilism,’ as well as their best tour moments, festivals and what they’re up to next!

Watch the full interview here:

Vended concluded their extensive European tour, which spanned several months, with a final performance in Reading, UK. Joining them were Aussie lads The Gloom In The Corner and Bristol trio Profiler. – See the review here.

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